In this article, we are going to explore a list of 15 best mirror photo apps for Android and iPhones. These apps let us add mirror effects to our photos seamlessly. Mirror photo apps featured in this article are as follows:

1. Echo Mirror Magic

best mirror photo apps for android and iPhones

Echo mirror magic lets you add a mirror effect to photos using the inbuilt editor. It allows users add 3d mirror effects to any of your photos. With the echo magic app, you can create triplets, twins, and quadruplets of your self in photos. The echo mirror magic app is available on the Google play store and the Apple App store for downloads.

2. Echo: Best Mirror magic and background changer Android

best mirror photo apps

Echo is a reminiscence of the Echo mirror magic app. It offers most of the features found on the echo mirror magic app. This app lets you add reflections to your images, making doubles and triples of you. Apart from allowing you to create representations of your self, this app also enables you to change the background on your images.

3. Mirror Photo Editor

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As the name dictates, mirror photo editor is an app that lets you add a mirror effect to your images, making a clone of your self in pictures. Apart from its mirror effect functionality, this app also features a selfie camera, which includes a lot of selfie effects and selfie filters.

4. Mirror Photo: Editor&Collage

best mirror photos apps for Android and iPhones

Mirror photo editor and collage is an all in one photo editor app, designed to meet the needs of social media enthusiasts. This app features over 50 different mirror effects that can be applied on photos during edits.

Apart from its mirror effects, it also features mirror frames and collages that can be used to make your photos look nicer.

5. Photo Mirror Collage Maker Pro

Screenshot Image

Photo mirror collage lets users create mirror images of themselves, using the built-in mirror photo tool. This app enables you to form duplicates of your self in photos. It features ten mirror reflections and also houses a drag and drop feature. This app is available on the Apple App Store For Downloads

6. Echo- Best Mirror magic effect

Screenshot Image

The Echo best magic effect app, lets you create reflections of your self in images. This app also allows you to cut and select photos you like, and then make doubles of it. This app also features 3D mirror effects, blender effect and lots more. The app is exclusive to iOS devices.

7. Photo Mirror Pro -PIP Collage Frame Photo Editor

Screenshot Image

The Photos mirror pro app lets you create mirror images, photo grids, and photo collages. Whichever in the built tool you desire to use, you are required to select a photo from your gallery and then apply of the effects featured here. This app is available for download on the Google Play store.

8. Magic Mirror

Screenshot Image

Magic Mirror is yet another awesome mirror photo app that you can use to add mirror effects in your images. Magic Mirror has a library of mirror effects you can use.

This app lets you stretch your face, make your face as different animals like dog, donkey, alien and lots more. Along with photo it also allows shooting videos with varying effects of voice. This app is available on both the Android and iOS platforms.

9. Fun Mirror

fun mirror

Fun Mirror is another app that lets users apply mirror effects to their images. Fun Mirror is a free and easy app that is supported on both the Android and iOS platforms. Using this app, you can be required to select an image from your gallery and apply mirror effect from the App.

10. Mirror Lab

mirror lab

Mirror lab lets you add 2D and 3D reflective effect to images uploaded to the app. This app enables you to make mirror collages for free. The apps feature tools like styles. There are different tools as adraw, delete, undo, redo and lots more.

11. Insta Mirror

Instant mirror

Insta Mirror is yet another mirror photo that is available on both the Android and iOS. Insta Mirror features a ton of photo editing option so that you can easily edit your photos. Instant mirror lets you adjust the height of reflection, the fade of the reflection, and other photo effects.

12. Lidow

LidowThe Lidow app lets you add mirror effects, add collages, grids to your photos. Lidow features Square/no crop for Instagram, blur, color splash, mirror, Filter, light leak lots more. This app is available on the Apple App store.

13. Photo Flipper

Photo flipper is an app that allows you to flip images horizontally, giving your photo a mirror effect. If you are having the mirror photo issue on your selfie cam, this app is going to help you solve it.

You can load your photos into this app after taken them, to correct the mirror effect problem. This app is available on both the Google PlayStore and the Apple app store for download.

14. Mirror Keyboard

mirror emoji keyboard

Mirror keyboard, is a unique mirror photo app. It is an Emoji keyboard app, exclusive on iOS. It lets users create stickers that can be sent along with text messages. In creating stickers, users are allowed to customize their photos to be used as stickers. Among the customization tools, is the Mirror photo tool, that will enable users to create mirror images from their photos.

15. Makeup Mirror

Mirror photo app

Last but not the list, is the mirror app. Its name says it all. But unlike the other apps, the mirror app gives your smartphone the mirror functionality. It allows you to turn your smartphone into a pocket mirror. It features photo editing tools and makeup options to prank with your friends.

There you have it guys, the best mirror photo apps for Android and iPhones. If you have other suggestions, please let us know in the comment box below.


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