Having problems cultivating a good saving habit? In this article, we explore a list of best money saving apps for Android and iPhones (iOS). Apps featured on this list have been designed to help users manage their money efficiently and also help users develop a good saving habit. Apps featured in this article are listed below:

best money saving apps

1. Acorns

best money saving apps

Looking to step up your money game? The Acorns app may just be all you need. It was designed to help users save cash that they would ordinarily spend on irrelevant things.

Using the Acorns app, you are required to connect your bank account and credit cards to the service. After you might have connected them, Acorns rounds up all your transactions to the nearest dollar and send the difference into your Acorns account.

You are then prompted to invest in one of the Five-Acorns managed portfolios. You are to select the portfolio with the highest portfolio to increase in value over time.

After you might have completed the steps discussed above, savings and investing happen in the background, in an automated fashion. This makes Acorns a good option for those who find it difficult remembering to set aside money to save every month.

2. Mint

best money saving apps

Designed for both Android and iOS device, Mint is an app designed to help users make budgets on their salary. It helps users prioritize their spending, helping them avoid wasteful spending.

The Mint app collects your banking and investment data gives you a lucid overview of your finances. Mints help you track your bills, payments and other transactions while setting saving goals of for you.

Still, on the features of the Mint app, the Mint app detects your credit score and displays it graphically, alongside actionable tips. Mint presents all your data in stylish charts with large texts, giving you precise information on where your money is, what it’s doing for you and where improvement is needed.

3. Groupon

best money saving apps

Groupon is one of the most sought after saving apps we have today. This fact is facilitated by a lot of obvious reasons.

Groupon is an entirely free app. using the Groupon app, you are required to required to present the chosen Groupon coupon when purchasing the selected product or service to get discounts.

Similar to the already mentioned apps, the Groupon app helps users budget things they truly need. It helps them eradicate wasteful spending. It set goals for users, helping them build a healthy saving habit.

4. Qapital

best money saving apps

Still, on the topic of best money saving apps for Android and iPhones, Qapital is yet another awesome app, that helps users build healthy saving habits.

Qapital is best described as a neobank, that is run digitally on your smartphone and tablets. It has no physical branches. The Qapitial app lets users fund a Qapital account, using an existing bank account. It also allows users to manage balances and transfers and also gain interest on funds; just you would put on a regular bank.

5. Digit

best money saving apps

Similar to Qapital, Digit is another saving app, that offers a Neo-bank service. Digit is connected to an existing bank account, after which you are required to make small transactions towards a saving goal. This app lets users build healthy saving habits.

The Digit app features a particular algorithm that helps analyze your spending habits, the amount of money in your account and transaction times and also calculates a uniques number to set aside.

Digits remind you to continue saving throughout the month. Once digit discovers an increase in your income, it urges you to step up the amount the customarily set aside for savings in a month. The Digit app is a must-have app, for those who find cultivating a healthy saving habit difficult.

6. ShoeBoxed

best money saving apps

Shoeboxed is yet another app designed for people who want to develop a healthy saving habit. It helps users save money, by keeping track of their expenses for claiming on tax and returns, filing in an expense report or giving to the client.

Using the Shoeboxed app, you are required to take photos of your receipts after which the Shoeboxed app extracts all of the expense, payment method, date, and location information from it and then saving it.  The Shoeboxed app is available on the Google PlayStore and also on the Apple App store

7. Swagbucks

best money saving apps

Swagbucks is a free service that lets users earn gift certificates from online retail stores like Amazon, Walmart, and Nike. Points are earned upon completing surveys, watching videos, shopping through their referral links and lots more. The survey can be down using the Swagbucks app or through the Swagbucks website.

Survey points earned using the Swagbucks app is referred to as Swagbucks. They can be redeemed for gift certificates. Swagbucks can be redeemed as a PayPal gift certificate, which is can be used as extra money to spend on groceries. This way you will be able to save some money from your earnings.

8. GoodBudget

best money saving apps

Still, on the topic of best money saving apps for Android and iPhones, Goodbudget is yet another app, designed to help users cultivate a good saving habit. Goodbudget is a free app that helps users smartly manage their money. It helps users track their spending.

In a bid to offer users real-time stats, The Goodbudget app automatically syncs across iPhone, Android, and web. All your data is securely backed up to Goodbudget’s website. This way you can access your stats no matter the device you are currently using.

9. Living Social

best money saving apps

Living Social app lets us cut down on the money we spend on vacations, eateries, and other social places.  The existing social app helps users find special offers, awesome things to purchase at little cost, and lots more. Living social also provides information on deals, deals on products you have been longing to buy. It also has a feature that lets you share these awesome deals with family and friends. This app is available on Android and iOS devices.

10.Voucher Cloud

best money saving apps

Last but not least. Voucher cloud is yet another app that helps users cut down the money spent on social activities. Voucher cloud helps users find the best deals for different things of interest. Voucher cloud helps users find deals on Food, fashion and lots more. Voucher cloud helps users find a cheap restaurant that offers quality services. It offers deals on fashion, technology, travel and lots more. Similar to the already mentioned apps, the voucher cloud app is available on Android and iOS.

There you have it – the best money saving apps for Android and iPhones. If you have other suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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