Many music lovers these days are making use of different music player apps for Android such as Google Play Music, Pandora, Spotify or Apple Music. Some people have preferred to stick to their collection of media because they don’t fancy streaming music online because of the data that’s being consumed.

Best Android Music Apps Right Now

As a music lover with a lot of music collection in your android device but you are not comfortable with the music apps you currently have. There are other music player apps for Android with better options you can use to play your indigenous music and also stream music of your choice online. All these music player apps for Android can be downloaded on the Play Store. Here, we will be discussing 10 music player apps for Android.              

Best Music Player Apps for Android

1. Black Player

This music app is very simple to use, but it is elegant in its function in the sense that it put very little between the listener and the music. The app operates on a tab structure and the tab can also be customized in order to make use of the ones that you feel you need urgently.

Apart from this, Black Player comes with an equalizer, scrobbling, widgets, themes, and an ID3 tag editor that can be used for any music files. The app is simple and has a better option for people that like minimizing. The free version of this app has lesser features while the paid version comes with more features.  This app is one of the music player apps for Android that music lovers should try.

2. JetAudio HD

The music app JetAudio HD has been one of the favorite apps that have been used by Android users. The additional features of this app are better than other music apps but the functionality is still simple to use by music lovers. It has a lot of several audio enhancements that has been programmed as plugins. For you to have a better music experience, you can tweak a little more than the usual experience.

It also comes with an equalizer (complete with 32 presets), easy effects like bass boost, widget, a tag editor, and MIDI playback. The paid and free versions of JetAudio HD are almost the same. The only difference is the paid version removes ads and adds many themes.

3. Neutron Player

Neutron Player is one of the music player apps for Android that is not so popular the way it should be. It has a feature of the 32/64-bit audio rendering engine that can function on its own without depending on the Android OS. The main idea of this is to make the music produce quality sound. There are also other features, including things such as support for more unique file types (Mac, FLAC, etc), an inbuilt equalizer, and other audiophile specific features. This is very expensive but many still prefer using it as their music player.

4. MediaMonkey

MediaMonkey has several features and some calls it a dark horse when it comes to the music player apps business. Some of the features are used in organizing things such as podcasts, audiobooks and the capability to search for songs that are being composed by composers. Just like every other music player apps for Android, it has an equalizer.

What makes the app so exceptional is the ability to synchronize your songs in your music library from your personal computer to your phone and vice-versa. The set for MediaMedia is a bit complicated but it has a simple interface with an overall solid option.

5. Musicolet Music Player

Musicolet is known as a no-BS music player app that comes with lots of appealing features including many that can’t be found on other music apps players. Some of these are a truly offline experience, small APK size, and a lightweight UI. The features of this app are so unique such as tag editor, widgets, an equalizer, support for embedded, folder browsing and lots more.

Musicolet provides an option for music lovers that want to play and enjoy music without any complicated features. It is free of charge with no payment for apps. There are no ads that are being displayed because of its lack of internet.

6. Poweramp

This app is one of the accessible music player apps for Android. The interface of this app is so sleek with several themes that can be downloaded from Google Play Store. The interface can function by itself and this makes it more efficient. The themes that come with it allow someone to change it to a particular theme he or she desires to use. There are other playback features such as crossfade, gapless playback. Poweramp has other supports for numerous playlists. You can also find tag editing, widgets and more setting for customization.

7. Pulsar Music Player

Pulsar music player is one of the best music apps that can be found on Google PlayStore. The feature of this app includes tag editing, gapless playback, material design, scrobbling, sleep timer, and Pulsar music app has chrome support which makes it amazing. There are two versions of this app; the free and paid version. The paid version has better features than the free version but this doesn’t mean the free version is bad.

8. Phonograph

The music app phonograph is one of the latest music player apps for Android. It is simple and has a lightweight which makes it easy to use. Phonograph has a classic and simple material design. Its navigation is very fast and the theme can be changed also if you want to do that. The only disadvantage of this app is; the theme editor is not so powerful.

You can also integrate last.FM, playlist features, home screen widget, a tag editor and some other navigation features. It is simple and a great choice for people to enjoy listening to music on their phone without any interruption. You can try this app if you are fond of music.

9. PlayerPro Music Player

PlayerPro Music Player is a music app that is not well known that’s why most people don’t make use of it. It has a clean interface that has made it easy to use. More themes can be downloaded and install for more customization. There is support for playing of video and also an exceptional ten band equalizer. The android auto and chrome cast helps to support numerous audio effects, widgets etc. You can even decide to shake your phone as you listen to music in order to change the music you are listening to.

10. Shuttle+ Music Player

Shuttle Music Player is getting more popularity. The app developer of this music app spent a lot of time updating this app. It’s a material design laden app with several options. It has gapless playback, tons of themes, support for embedded lyrics, and lots more. It has an excellent function and it is an app one can try to have a good sensation of music.

There you have it. The top 10 and best music player apps you can have installed on your Android device right now. Feel free to let us know which you chose and more so, you can add more to the list using the comment section.



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