An Android smartphone is capable of many things. Taking down notes when you are far away from your pen and paper is one of them. With the advancement in technology every day, we might no longer need pen and paper writing in the nearest future. Note-taking apps have done enough in this present age to prove they are ready to take over. Here is a list of 10 best note Taking apps for Android:

best note taking apps for android

1. Colour Note

One of the most potent note-taking apps. Its standout feature is the ability it gives you to change the background color of notes to help you remain organised. Calendar support and backup for internal and cloud storage is also one to look out for. It allows you create texts, notes, list e.t.c.

2. Evernote

So many features for your use. To name a few, you get a notebook support, note sharing, various type notes and so on. You have 2 optional subscriptions that can increase its features. It is one of the most reliable note-taking apps out there.

3. Fair Note

This is a new note-taking app. Its interface is quite simple alongside a tag system for quick organization. This app is more concerned with your security. Pro users are allowed to set up their fingerprints to encrypt or decrypt. The free version of this app guarantees the most features.

4. FilNote

Developers with successful track records with previous note-taking apps made FilNote. It is an enjoyable and original experience with the app. It comes withdrawing support. You are free to type notes, write them and even go as far as drawing them.

Addition of images, videos and even voice notes to your note is a possibility. This app gives you a perfect way to explore note-writing.

5. Google Keep

Very popular. Its interface is very colorful, beautiful and functional. Google Drive Integration can also be accessed if you need it. Voice notes, to do notes are standby features that are combined with setting reminders and sharing your notes with friends and loved ones. An Android wear support is also present should you choose to explore it.

6. Lecture Notes

Students will fancy this one. This app was one of the very first to have a Stylus support. It has audio and video capabilities for recording lecturers and lessons. Its layouts for writing is just superb. A free trial is reasonable to try out all these features before going for it entirely when you are sure.

7. Omni Notes

This app has the capability to merge and search through your note, this comes in handy for most people. It is simple to use and has a material design interface. The option of creating Folders and Tags is somewhat fascinating too.

It has the Basic add, modify, archive, trash and delete notes actions. Sketch-note mode is also vital for so many users. Its a Multilanguage app as 30 languages are supported.

8. One Note

From Microsoft. One Note is also the same available way Google Keep ensured the availability of GoogleDrive. Android wear support, collaboration features, support for text, video, and photo addition to note, widgets e.t.c are some of One Note’s several features. If you use other Microsoft apps already, its best to go for One Note. Its a powerful note-taking app.

9. Som Note

This app caters for long-form note-taking styles. Journals, research notes, story writing, diaries should be written with apps like Som Note. Watch out for the ads though, they can be very exhausting.

10. Simple Notes

Developed by the company behind WordPress (Automattic), it is a free and open-source tool for notes. The app supports markdown editing and web publication, so those working on a web presence may find value with it. It lets you create notes and save them to the cloud, automatically syncing them to other devices so that they are never far away again. It has a minimalist design. It supports note-sharing.

Simplenote’s security leaves a lot to be desired though. While files are encrypted in transit, its all plaintext while stored in the cloud. That can be a careless practice since anyone who gains access to the Simplenote servers will be able to have access to your notes without an encryption key.

There you have it, my list of 10 best note-taking apps for Android. If you currently have favorites, feel free to drop them in the comment box below.



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