We often come across terms like on-page optimization and off-page optimization in our SEO escapades. Off page optimization means making the page popular with the help of citations from other websites while on-page optimization making the webpage relevant to a certain targeted search term. Let us take a look at on page seo techniques for 2013.

Top best on Page SEO Techniques

Useful Content
What you place on the content on the page will decide the worth of the page. The search engines want to know how useful it is for the user visiting the page. Good content will create a demand, gain popularity and will be linkable. The best content will be that which is catering to the largest demand. It can be simple test, video, images or sound, it should have a demand and be useful.

Title Tag
The second most important on page Seo Techniques for 2013 are the title tags Make sure you are inserting relevant and good Title Tags on your page.The titles and subtitles should be 100% informative.

The right hierarchy of URL
Smart SEO experts know that using the right category hierarchy of the website is essential and one should follow a good structure when making the URL. The hierarchy helps the search engines to decipher the relevancy of the page. Follow these on page seo techniques for 2013.

Page Speed
The ability to load faster by page too is an important factor. Google always checks the ability of page to load faster as well as its usability. Faster loading and better user experience to improve the site’s quality score. Figure out how you can make the page load faster. Use the Page Speed Online option from Google that is a free application.

Length and style of Content
Search engines seems to prefer lengthier documents as the content is expected to carry more value due to its length. The search engines have become stricter in this area after the recent Google Panda updates. The content should be easy to scan and read, with nicely formatted short paragraphs. Remember that people do not read but just scan for useful information. Talk to people in an interesting fashion and avoid using complicated words. Insert nice pictures.These are essential on page seo techniques for 2013.

Better user experience
Google now is more interested judging the user behavior and therefore it will be essential to offer a good user experience for ranking high. The first step would be to minimize the loading time of your and make navigation easy to use and faster. The page should work at any resolution and place the main elements on top to make them visible. Insert attractive call-to-action button.

Local Search Optimization
Local search plays an important role for optimization, therefore display the correct address and phone number and the web page should be optimized for the mobile devices. Use local host as well as regional language well written. Get links from local directories and inbound links from sites with local domain extension.

There are some page seo innovations for 2013 that you might also like to get aware on and take advantages like socially sharable pages, Video XML sitemaps,schema.org and other relevant markup etc. Finally, to conclude on page seo techniques for 2013, keep your eyes wide open for new technologies and add them to your list of strategies.

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  1. Dear Oscar, I’m working in a SEO company and these are those factors that I also follow to work there. Mainly we focus on original content and update our site as much as possible. Unique content with local optimization and SMO gives us best results.
    Really a worth reading article. Keep it up dear πŸ™‚

  2. URL hierarchy is something i realized too late. Now I’m in a situation where I can’t change the permalink structure and can’t get benefit of it. On my next project I’m going to choose meaningful category names and arrange posts accordingly.

    I removed the category from URL structure because I wanted the primary keywords as left as possible in URL, but the keyword rich categories will easily surpass the benefits of having targeted keyword towards the left of URL.

  3. Helo Oscar,nice post you have here.Content will always remain the chief cornerstone of any successful blog,without content seo is nothing,And talking of title tag,can you please show more light on how to implement the H2 title?,because i make use of a plugin , that suggest am not making use of it,.

    thanks as i await your reply

  4. Thanks for writing about on-page SEO techniques.

    I learned few stuffs with this post and other I knew already.

    I always like to publish lengthy posts with title tags and my page speed is good.

    Will check the other SEO tips, keep sharing the information.

  5. Hi Oscar,

    Nice tutorial about on page SEO Techniques. If one must follow all these tips then absolutely they will get chances of rank better. Specially Permalink structure – Good permalink has lot of benefits.

  6. After getting hit by google penguin 2.0 πŸ™‚ I am totally destroyed ! I was trying to do better SEO practice. Thank you for sharing very informative post, I am sure these points will help me !

  7. I’ll want to add linking related articles together, and using html tags when optimizing mostly h2 and h3 make them related e.g use h2 on what is a blog, then use h3 on types of blogging platform

  8. @Oscar, very informative to newbies like me, the fat is that blogging is really time consuming and still worth it at last, first, for the fun of it and second,the firm and money on it. am kind of inloved with blogging but hardly had time updating it. thanks ones again, really have to work out time.

  9. I am placing a heavy focus on style these days Oscar, such an easier way to grab your reader’s attention and improve your SEO. Google loves smart, easy to navigate layouts.

    If you can build such a design – or simply buy one – and create targeted, easy to read content, you are good to go.

    Thanks for sharing Oscar!

  10. Hello Oscar,

    Great Share.!

    Thanks for the wonderful tips. this tips is useful for SEO Beginners. BTW! thanks for writing and sharing πŸ˜‰

    stay updated ans stay rocking πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›

  11. Very nice tutorial and guide Oscar.
    I want to add that there are so many wordpress plugins for on-page SEO that could also help.
    Like SEO processor or Yoast and all.

  12. great post oscar. i have a question. since you mention about local search optimization, do you know any local directories aside from yahoo local directory?

  13. Hey Bro,
    I agree with your points page speed its also most consider by the search engine but people not giving much importance for it as adding more plugins can hurt the blogs loading time its need to be taken into consideration by all between nice post

  14. Hmm is anyone else experiencing problems with the images on this blog
    loading? I’m trying to find out if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog.
    Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

  15. Hi Oscar,

    Always content is the King is SEO and you have showed that you have great knowledge about SEO . And quality of content is so high that anyone would love to read .

    Thank You


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