It is a fresh year, and you need a fresh start in your gaming. That means it is time to do away with your uncomfortable office chair and hook yourself up with the cobra r gaming chair. You might want to change your console if it is old and your desk too if you are a PC gamer.

Best First Person Shooter Games right now

There is one more thing that you need to change for you to get the best gaming experience yet, get rid of the old games you have been playing for decades and get with these fantastic online FPS games.

1. The Darkness 2

What is it about this FPS game? It must be the storyline that makes the game unique. Here it goes, the game is about a mobster who goes on a killing spree while looking to come to terms with the loss of his precious girlfriend. If you love weapons, then the game has a lot in store for you. You will get to interact with automatic weapons. Guess what else is in for you? You will get a feel of superpowers. The beauty of it is that if you are a POC gamer, it is still possible for you to have this game.

If you love to be a little creative, then this is the perfect game for you.

2. Far Cry 4

Have you had an experience with Far Cry 3? Well, you have not seen the best yet. Far Cry 4 is there for the gamers that like to interact with the geography. It is about the exploration of the ecosystem. You will feel like one of the geographers you see in the movies sending drones to explore unique ecosystems. If you have ever dreamt of being able to explore nature and maybe create animals of your own, then this is a game that you would want to give a shot. The game is for PSK, PC, and Xbox.

3. Call of Duty

Call of Duty has always been a legend. It is one of the most addictive and played games in the world. That speaks volumes about the experience that you should anticipate. The game is available for Xbox, PC, and PS4. If you love guns, you are in the right place. Call of Duty focuses on a shootout and a feel of the World War.

Call of Duty allows choosing a character, hence giving you a more personalized feel of the game. It is a highly competitive game with a lot of gunning and running, and you can count on it to give you a wholesome experience.

4. Lawbreakers

Lawbreakers is an FPS game formatted for PS and PC. It is a very engaging multiplayer game that gives you the boot camp feel where you get classes in shooting before you are let to fly. The beauty of the game is that it will provide you with the player a unique experience that no other game has. You are talking about being able to learn and graduate to the next level: it is that deep. It is a live game that is continuously under development promising you fresh experiences every instance you interact with it.

5. Star Wars Battlefront

The idea of Star Wars should be already spiking some excitement. Well, it is all called for. You are talking about experiencing the Star Wars universe. How cool can that be! It is a first-person shooter that gives you the coveted opportunity of working with the most high-grade weapons you can ever think about. The graphics are on point, and you would want to stay glued to the screen all day. For Star Wars universe enthusiasts, you will feel at home thanks to the detail that comes with the game. It is a multiplayer game that will give you an outstanding experience.

6. Bioshock Infinite

More guns for you. Just like The Darkness 2, the game is narrative driven. Here you get to play with shotguns with a vast battlefield. By the time you are done with this game, you will be out doing other FPS gamers effortlessly.

It is 2019, try out the above online FPS games for the perfect start for the year’s gaming experience.


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