In our present generation where kids are greatly exposed to almost anything online, knowing the best ways to curb what they see and do not see on Android is something every parent should not take lightly. Our children these days are well advanced and fast to grab things with their devices so it is crucial for the parents to follow suit by gaining knowledge about a thing or two on the latest technology so as to know what they know and prevent them from knowing what they shouldn’t until they are grown, adults. To ensure this is the case, here is our List Of Top 10 Best Parental Apps For Android and iPhones in 2019:

best parental control apps for android and iPhones

1. Bark

It is one of the most important monitoring packages that aid parents all over the world. Asides email and text tracking, they work with a lot of social media platforms as well. Since our kids have so many things exposed to them, Bark has parents covered with massive coverage, tracking posts, and messaging for any clue that points at bullying conversations with dangerous strangers and so on. The AI-based algorithms that come with this app also help in analyzing activities on its own and give parents notifications as at when due through their preferred communication method. Bark also provides a check-in feature to know the whereabouts of their kids at any given time. The application is notorious for monitoring social media apps, emails, and text messages on kid’s mobile devices and smartphones.

2. Quostodio

This is one of the best parental monitoring apps out there at a very affordable price. It can function on several platforms and operating systems and is configurable to precise needs. Even if the developers charge yearly with this app, they still offer a low price if you break it down monthly. The company responsible for this parental app also provide real-time means for users to contact them. The service they provide is apt and perfect for families that are large and have a lot of online devices. Quostodio ensures it publishes a long list of contents that should be blocked. Materials like pornography. It also lets parents blacklist specific domains they consider inappropriate. Tracking features and panic buttons for parents.

3. Identity Guard

This app might not come with all the features you expect from parental control, but it offers two great services you’ll find useful, I’m talking cyber-bullying alerts and dark web monitoring. These essential features help the parents to improve on the child’s safety online for a better internet experience and amazing mental health. There are prices for its different models, however, not all models include these 2 key features. It is an excellent choice for parents.


It can be limited because it works on only a single phone at a time, but it offers other great features to make up for that. Location-related features are allowed and they also provide a free version to users.

You get two years up front at a discounted price if that is the route you wish to follow. They give parents that peace of mind they seek by ensuring the kids do not gain access to inappropriate websites.

5. Net Nanny

A strong option to consider in the parental control market. Its remarkable filtering tools aid the parent to check what their kids see on the internet. It has multi-platform availability as well. Parents are free to choose a plan for the number of devices they need to be covered. They even get to personalize the tech to suit a particular child or user.

6. Screen Time

This app offers amazing features at affordable prices. Parents who aim to control how much time their kids allot for online purposes should love the scheduling features Screen Time provides. They also get to just block apps if it’s that bad.

This scheduling feature allows them to set time limits on applications their kids use. Parents can intentionally pause their kid’s device from their own device, receive summaries of their website and app usage on a daily basis, and add several devices per child.

7. FamilyTime

It is filled with unique features such as alerts, this can be useful for when a kid is speeding, or a pick-up button, that lets kids tell their parents where they are easy. Comprehensive filtering and blocking features also come in handy to ward off dangerous content from reaching their kids. One to note though, there is no social media monitoring. Parents get to block content that includes specific keywords too.

8. Circle

This allows parents to track, filter and control the kind of things their children are exposed to on the internet. The “pause” button, a reward system, and customizable screens are some of the features that make it a great watch on behalf of a parent for a child. It is known for having a simple and user-friendly design. It is not a subscription-app as payment is made just once in a lifetime. Their customer support is also fantastic.

9. Norton Family Premier

It focuses on desktop browsing, mobile browsing, and regular apps. Parents are free to connect unlimited Laptops, smartphones, and mobile devices to be sure they know everything going on. The number of kids that can be added to an account is infinite. The only disadvantage is the fact that social media monitoring is not enabled. It works on iOS devices. Parents can set customized filters for web activity, blocking certain sites and leaving others untouched.

10. WebSafety

This is a solid choice for parental control apps, especially for users that desire a little bit of everything. With its massive usage control, usage scheduling, decent tracking features ensure you get your money’s worth.

The location service available is also a great addition that parents will fancy. Social media monitoring is enabled but just for Facebook and Instagram. A summary of posts, photos, comments are also within reach of the parents. As for SMS, WebSafety lets the parent know if vulgar, derogatory, or terrible words are sent or received by the child.

With this list of best parental apps for Android and iPhones, Keep an eye over your children’s activities on the internet won’t be a problem anymore. If you have other suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment box below.


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