Finding a parking spot can be quite difficult for every car owner. Luckily for us, there are mobile applications that can make things simpler nowadays. With these apps, the days of stressing to find that spot so you can hurry to your destination are long gone. See 7 Best Parking Apps for Android and iOS

1. Parker

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This is a brilliant parking app. Forbes and Mashable recommending it speak volumes. It helps you locate a spot in a crowded place with its in-app GPS tech. Users are also allowed to filter payment type options as they like in this one.

2. ParkWhiz

This app comes with major discounts if you book for the future, and I am talking 60 percent.

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It works in more than three hundred cities and lets you sort by whether you are searching for a spot at a particular venue, lot or garage.

3. SpotHero

If you work with garages more than the streets, this one is for you. It will not just let you comparison shop for spots, it also allows you to save about 50 percent on the perfect place at any of their 4,500 partner garages and lots, as soon as you locate it.

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You might ask how the app finds those deals? They purchase unsold spots at monthly lots and garages at a discounted rate and then involve you in those savings. Users can also save spots for the future.

4. Parkopedia

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Parking nerds will appreciate this one. It comes with 38,000,000 parking spots in more than 75 nations.

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To make it less overwhelming, you can search for your present location and view closeby availability, hours and pricing. The one disadvantage you can expect is that payment cannot be made in it.

5. Honk

Best Parking Apps

Still, on the topic of best parking apps, Honk is another highly recommended parking app. Users simply have to locate a spot via the application, select the amount of time they would want to stay there/reserve the place for (it could be a day or a week,) and pay. And that is that.

6. Best Parking

Best Parking Apps

As soon as you type in your destination into this one, closeby spots and comparison shop will be visible. Immediately you select the cheapest of the options, the same app can be used to get turn by turn directions. This app has a reputation as it is used by millions of users in more than 110 American cities.

7. ParkMe

Best Parking Apps
Its built-in timer can be stressful, however, the comparison shopping in it makes things easier. It is useful for locating last-minute deals. Users can also reserve ahead of time at their partner garages in more than five hundred cities.

More Information On Parking:

Parking is the act of stopping and disengaging a vehicle and leaving it unoccupied. Parking on one or both sides of a road is often permitted, though sometimes with restrictions.

Some buildings have parking facilities for use of the buildings’ users. Countries and local governments have rules for the design and use of parking spaces.

Facilities include indoor and outdoor private property belonging to a house, the side of the road where metered or laid out for such use, a parking lot (North American English) or car park (British English), indoor and outdoor multi-level structures, shared underground parking facilities and facilities for particular types of vehicle such as dedicated structures for cycle parking.

In the U.S., after the first public parking garage for motor vehicles was opened in Boston, May 24, 1898, livery stables in urban centers began to be converted into garages.

In cities of the Eastern US, many former livery stables, with lifts for carriages, continue to operate as garages today.

Parking lots specifically for bicycles are becoming more prevalent in many countries. These may include bicycle parking racks and locks, as well as more modern technologies for security and convenience. For instance, one bicycle parking lot in Tokyo has an automated parking system.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best parking apps for Android and iOS. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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