Are you trying to get pregnant? There is an app for that. These apps will equip you with all the information required to make sure that happens when you want it. The only thing these applications cannot cater for is the lovemaking itself if you know what I mean. That is totally up to you. Here they are in our list of 10 Best Period And Ovulation Tracker Apps:

1. Fertility Friend


Best Period And Ovulation Tracker AppsHopeful mothers observe and record fertility signs, which this app will now use to predict the most appropriate day for lovemaking or undergoing a pregnancy test. The simple application is free but as a Premium member, you are granted special access to message boards and better features such as a sex timing analyzer and comprehensive analysis of your fertility signals, which includes the ones that will reveal a possible pregnancy. After being in existence for over fifteen years and 650,000 pregnancies to its credit, this is an app that must be respected for online fertility charting.

2. Glow

Best Period And Ovulation Tracker Apps

This app reveals a woman’s fertility cycle via personalized data to aid them to get pregnant on time. You pay nothing to use it and it also lets you contribute to a mutual assistance program, which can aid fertility treatments if the app does not assist you to give birth in ten months. The co-founder of PayPal, Max Levchin owns this application. Men are not left out as it caters for their fertility. A male data can be connected to his partner’s too, to display a complete picture of their fertility as a couple.

3. Kindara

Best Period And Ovulation Tracker AppsThis app tracks your body temperature and cervical fluid to know about hormone levels in your body and also reveals the most appropriate time to deliver. It functions alongside an oral thermometer named Wink, which will cost you some money and will sync automatically to the application.

4. Clue

Best Period And Ovulation Tracker Apps

By dropping your data into an algorithm that aids the calculation and prediction of your personal cycle, Clue vows to give you a decent approach to conception, their words were, “The more you use it, the smarter it gets.”

The apps collect data about a woman’s mood plus other fertility signs, and can even work with Apple Watch.

5. Conceivable

It was developed by a fertility wellness expert and it checks out underlying factors that can have an impact on your fertility. It is not free to use. Users of this app will be able to make use of a fertility tracker, they get three herbal formulas every month, which the company said is “focused on removing specific obstacles to your natural fertility,” like irregular ovulation, stressful periods and below par menstrual cycles.

6. Period Tracker

Best Period And Ovulation Tracker Apps

This app takes a guess on when you can be expecting a visit from your monthly visitor and it makes it simpler to know when you are most fertile via easy data entry and charting. Your period dates can be exported too. You will to part with cash to have it downloaded and installed from iTunes.

7. Ovia

Best Period And Ovulation Tracker AppsThis application works on various fertility and key health indicators such as your eating and sleeping habits, to ascertain ovulation. The app boasts about being able to make users pregnant three times quicker than the regular average. A CEO from Harvard University worked on this application and true-life story, it actually made him and his wife parents.

8. OvaCue

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It is a hand-held monitor, that aids the measurement of your saliva and cervical mucus, which functions alongside a portable adapter and the OvaGraph application for the prediction for about 1 week in advance.

Since peeing on an ovulation strip is a thing of the past. It basically helps lots of women conceive. It will cost you some proper cash though.

9. Daysy

This is a fertility tracker synced to an application, which gains knowledge from and monitors your menstrual cycle.

Using oral temperature readings and data entry every day, this app tells you if you are fertile or not with precise accuracy of 99.3 percent. It is not free though but it makes it simple to share your fertility data with your friends.

10. Natural Cycles

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Using bio-statistical algorithm, this app makes use of women’s special temperature readings to know when she has ovulated and when she will most likely ovulate in her next cycle, which reveals when a lady can and cannot get pregnant with almost a perfect accuracy. The company in charge of the app says it is the only birth control application all across the globe that makes use of analytics rather than chemicals for the planning of pregnancies.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of ovulation and period tracker apps. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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