Personal trainers are a blessing to several people. They assist you to monitor your progress, prescribe exercise routines for the best result, and can be a brilliant source of motivation. However, human personal trainers are not cheap and they are very hard to find. Plus, a gym is needed to have an interaction with them. So, how about a digital alternative? See our list of 10 Best Personal Trainer Apps For Android devices:

1. 8fit

Personal Trainer Apps For AndroidThis is a decent personal trainer app with features like workout regimens, dietary recommendations, several workout schedules and so on. The app is home to four hundred recipe ideas plus 350 exercise tutorials. On top of that, it aids the creation of the workout and meal goals for your fitness level and needs. The one disadvantage here is that it is quite costly.

2. BestFit

It might not be the best option on the list but it still gets the job done. It designs your full workout plan after getting some information from you. BestFit concentrates on effective gym training and it will keep you motivated with several challenges to push yourself. The first 3 workouts will not be paid for, after that, you can select either the premium or free version.

3. Bodbot

Personal Trainer Apps For AndroidThis app can replace your personal trainer perfectly. Just launch it, type in information about yourself, and the AI will schedule a full workout regimen on your behalf. The app supports Google Fit and it will even set reminders for you.

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It tunes and modifies your sessions so you don’t harm yourself or overdo things. It is better to go for its yearly price because they are cheaper compared to the monthly one.

4. Fitness22

This app prides itself to be a regular workout app. There are several workouts within it and they serve different purposes. For example, some exercises in it will help you with fat loss while others will aid muscle building. Users can also create their personal workout regimens. As a beginner, no need to worry too, because things are not complicated at all. It is cheap.

5. FitNotes

This is a brilliant fitness application and it is best for users that love to monitor their fitness. It functions as a gym log. You just have to input your activity, reps, weight e.t.c, and then monitor it over time.

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If you feel you have to make adjustments, just alter your workouts. The app is home to workout database for fast reference and users will be able to build workout routines. You can choose between its premium or free version.

6. Fitvate

This app is home to a lovely design, an uncomplicated layout and a lot of other vital things. Some important features are more than 300 workouts, several exercise settings for a lot of experience levels e.t.c. It concentrates on working the muscles in your body instead of making you repeat the same thing all the time. Users will also have access to challenges, health tips, bodybuilding, and fat loss routines.

7. Leap Fitness

It is a home exercise app and no gym will be needed. All workout routines within it can be performed right there in your house. It possesses the simple features for various muscle groups plus training regimens and workout routines for a lot of fitness levels.

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On top of that, it is home to a lot of warm-up workouts and all your training will be recorded automatically. Users will also be able to update their regimens as required to boost or reduce the intensity.


Personal Trainer Apps For AndroidStill, on the topic of best personal trainer apps for Android, JEFIT is another highly recommended app. This app has various tools for people searching for a workout plan. However, there are a lot of tools for personal trainers too, and this makes it the perfect option for both. The app is home to more than 1,300 workouts, a web interface, several challenges, a social media element, interval timers, a body measurement log and so on. It is very powerful for its cheap price.

9. Progression Workout Tracker

This is an easy to use personal trainer application. Looking at it, you will think it is a calendar app. However, it is very useful for workout tracking as well. A few features include Google Drive support, fitness tracking, and a very simple UI. It will not only show you what you should do, but it will also break down how you should do it. It is vital for those that love to be in control.

10. Training By Runtastic

This app has an ADIDAS label, but no ADIDAS gear is needed before you can use it. It has several workout routines for so many parts of your body and for cardio. You just have to choose the workout and make it happen. Some of the workouts will cost you nothing while others will need a subscription. It is very simple to use. Training By Runtastic also has integration with Google Fit, Wear OS e.t.c.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best personal trainer apps for Android. If you have any other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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