There are several ways to listen to music nowadays. They can be streamed, heard on the radio and enjoyed via music videos. However, sometimes, people just prefer to hit play and allow it to do its thing without needing to manage anything else like playlists, play order and so on.  Even if Radio is not as popular as it once was, it is still very much an amazing way to enjoy fresh music while you relax. If you are the kind of person that still fancies radio, check out our list of 10 Best Radio Apps For Android:

1. AccuRadio

Radio Apps For AndroidThis one is not as popular as the other ones on this list but it is a good option nonetheless. It comes with more than 1000 radio channels you can tune into. Every channel is personalizable by the listener. It possesses unrestricted skips, a rating system, and you are even allowed to ban singers and songs from your station.

2. iHeartRadio

This is a very popular radio app that comes with a huge selection of stations you can listen. FM stations and iHeartRadio’s personal stations are what you get here.

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You will be able to locate playlists for nearly every mood, playlists in several genres, and periodical playlists for Christmas and Halloween seasons. It will cost you nothing. For more features, you will have to part with some cash.

3. myTuner Radio

Radio Apps For AndroidThis is another decent option for the people that fancy regular radio station content. It comes with more than 50,000 radio stations across two hundred nations and territories. Plus, it supports podcasts, categories for several kinds of talk and music radio, and a few extras such as sleep timer and alarm function.

4. Pandora Radio

Radio Apps For AndroidThis is another well-known radio app that is responsible for how popular streaming random music is right now and it has been very successful. Rather than concentrating on specific stations, this app allows users to create their personal stations.

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You are allowed to make them around your preferred artist, music genre, or even song. This app provides playlists to stream, but a lot of users prefer to just create their own.

5. Radio Online

This is a decent radio app as well that comes with lots of radio stations that cater to all types of content that are set for streaming when you need them. It possesses Internet-hosted radio and FM stations that support online streaming. If you get the pro version, you will have access to more features like live radio recording, a sleep timer and so on.

6. SiriusXM

If we are talking about what took over when the world started moving away from the regular AM and FM radio services, satellite radio comes to mind.

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This app possesses more than one hundred and fifty channels such as music channels, sports channels and so on. It has its issues though so do not expect it to be a flawless option. If you ever wish to use it in modern automobiles, Bluetooth will not be needed.

7. Spotify

Still on the topic of best radio apps for Android. Spotify is yet another awesome radio app for your Android device. It is a music streaming application that has concentrated on radio-style streaming for years now. It comes with the genre, mood, and artist-specific stations and it curates special lists such as “Worldwide top 50” and playlists with fresh music you are yet to listen to. If you buy the pro version, you will not be frustrated with ads.

8. TuneIn Radio

This app comes with several kinds of radio stations that play various types of music, sports, comedy, talk radio, news and so on. The version you pay nothing for will give you access to 100,000 stations and lots of podcasts. If you opt for the premium version, you will have access to live NFL, MLB, and Barclays Premier League games and audiobooks. There will be no ads as well.

9. XiiaLive Internet Radio

This app is not as popular as other radio applications but it still comes with a lot of useful features. As a standalone app, it possesses 50,000 live radio stations which are more than enough. There are organizational features that allow you to save your preferred stations as well. It is home to themes, data management features, and an equalizer as well.

10. Local Radio Apps

Several AM and FM radio stations do not joke on the internet nowadays. A lot of them now have their own apps which listeners are allowed to stream 24/7. These applications aid listeners to interact with the radio station in other ways. Other ways like social media, giveaway info, podcasts e.t.c. Just install one and you are set to go.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best radio apps for Android. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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