RAP ( Rhythm and poetry) involves the rapper mouthing rhythmic words faster than usual, in a manner that suits the ears. In this article, we explore a comprehensive list of the best RAP apps for iOS and Android. Apps featured in this article, are apps which have designed to help rappers create. Here you will find apps, with special recording features, apps that help transform recordings, into something that appeals to our auditory organ. These apps are listed as follow:

1. AutoRap By Smule

This is a brilliant rap voice transformer application. It does not matter if you do not really fancy rap, you will love this app. The application has 2 modes – talk mode and rap mode. For the talk mode, you only have to utter something in your device’s microphone and the application will transform what you said into something very cool. The Rap mode is simply for rapping to a beat. There are several beats you will have access to, but sadly, you can only use 2, as the rest are not free. The other beats are from the biggest Hip Hop stars in the industry so they must be paid for. You can share your audio with friends through SMS or partake in a rap battle.

2. Music Maker JAM

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This app is not for rap alone, it caters for all kinds of music. The app will aid you to create your personal beats, mix several styles of songs and many more. You will also find ready-made samples that can be altered the way you want. It opens up music opportunities for its users.

3. Tape A Talk Recorder

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Still, on the topic of best RAP apps for iOS and Android, Tape a talk voice recorder is a voice recorder application and some famous rappers even vouch for it. It aids the recording of high-quality audio, which is so amazing. You can use it in lots of ways. You are even allowed to edit your recordings, have them shared and have them sent to your personal computer. No need to store that song in your memory anymore, use this app.

4. Rap To Beats (iOS App)

This is a popular freestyle app on the Apple Store. It provides several beats which include the famous ones from rappers like A$AP Rocky, Wiz Khalifa and so on. It is free for everyone. Recordings can also happen on your iOS devices. After the recording is done, you are allowed to share, save and do as you please with it. Other applications can also be uploaded to this app.

5. Rap To Beats (Android App)

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The app is identical to number 4. The only difference is that it works strictly on Android devices. There are various beats of high quality.

The app is not free because if you do not part with cash, you will not be allowed to use any mic except your device’s and ads will be frustrating. Asides all that, it is a great app to have on your Android phone.

6. Battle Me – Hip Hop Studio. Record Rap Freestyle

best rap appsThis is a decent rap application if you want to be popular and command respect. It provides decent beats you can select from and it helps you with rhymes through its rhyme search helper. This app allows you to partake in tournaments and earn cash. More than 800,000 people, all over the world use this app. If you get noticed by the top guns in the industry, you might earn yourself a record deal.

7. Rap Wars Free

best rap apps

Battle rap is now popular all over the world for entertainment and rap skills flaunting purposes. It is an amazing way to showcase yourself, interact with other rappers, and listen to what they have to tell you.

It provides various beats too but not all of them will play if you do not part with some cash. If you do not fancy battles, you can also record yourself or rate the rap from others.

8. Rapchat: Social Rap Maker & Recording Studio

best rap appsRapchat is a decent app for recording rap and having it shared with a large auditory or simply with your buddies. Expect more than 100 beats in this one. Apart from recording app, you will be able to listen to rappers and rate their content. Simply put, it is a useful app for those that love Hip Hop.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best rap apps for iOS and Android. If you have any other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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