If you fed up of the same old games on your mobile device, then maybe the time to put your brain through some intense work is now. If you fancy science and you are an Android user, you will get what this is all about and will definitely need one. Here is our list of 10 Best Science Apps For Android:

1. Biobox

Biology is made simpler with this free, Tetris-style game, that was developed by scientists at 2 London institutions. The inspiration behind it was the issue of protein docking – breaking down how precisely molecules like medicines and vitamins get bonded with complex proteins in the body. A 3D version of the game exists, which the developers aim to use in citizen science projects to end world protein docking issues.

2. accelerat AR

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This application lets you create your personal particle accelerator, via a smartphone and a few paper cubes. Simply position the cubes on a flat surface and then make it come alive on-screen via the app that came with it. Every cube stands for a different component of the accelerator, like a particle source and an electric field

3. Collins Bird Guide

Best Science Apps For AndroidThis is the most useful companion for birders, it is a digital version of Collins’ bird bible that caters for more than seven hundred European species, with over 3,500 illustrations aiding you to know your ruddy shelduck from everything else. As soon as you have identified the bird, simply know all you should about its habitat and range, and have your sighting recorded via the listing tool.

4. Sketch AR

Best Science Apps For Android

If you like drawing, this application offers a wise way of going about that. It allows you to select a picture and then hold your smartphone or tab over an empty sheet of paper to view that picture on the screen. You can now easily trace what is visible, replicating the picture line by line to come up with a drawing even Picasso will applaud.

5. Pocket Code

Best Science Apps For AndroidIt allows you to create, play, and share your personal games, animations, and music clips via a visual interface. Simply head to pocketcode.org to download and remix the creation of others, which could be Space Invaders-style shooters to a visible proof of Pythagoras’s theorem.

6. All-in-One Calculator

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A great calculator will always be bliss, and this amazing Android application vows to make your mathematical dreams come true.

It possesses more than fifty different calculators and unit converters, which ranges from algebra and geometry to health and finance. You never have to crack your brain about that calculative stuff, just let this app do the work.

7. Thinkrolls: Kings & Queens

Best Science Apps For AndroidStill, on the topic of best science apps for Android, Thinkrolls lets you Find your way around the land of treacherous castles in the lead up to the popular Thinkrolls 2. There are two hundred and twenty-eight puzzles for anyone that is above five years, which will help to improve their problem-solving abilities, work their memory and get them introduced to forces and simple mechanics.

8. Attenborough’s Story of Life

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To mark the popular broadcaster’s 90th birthday, this application combines more than one thousand Sir David Attenborough’s best TV moments.

Highlights also exist for over forty programs, which includes Planet Earth, Blue Planet, and Africa plus a collection of movies and secret extras recorded mainly for the application.

9. Notes on Blindness VR

Several years back, the theologian John Hull went blind. He started keeping an audio diary, a document which consists of the foundation of the popular movie Notes on Blindness, released years back.

The VR experience you get with it aids the recreation of memories and moments from John’s audio diary, making the viewer see farther than sight.

10. Cosmolander – Missions in the Solar System

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The astronomers of tomorrow can get inspired by this direction to our Solar System. It concentrates on children that are six years and above, and they will know about the science and history of every planet before going on missions to have their knowledge tested.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best science apps for Android. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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