Selfies are the in thing. Both old and young now know the importance of a camera, the photos they produce and the memories the photos bring. Whether its for your personal use, for friends on social media, or for family, it is something we all can no longer do without. Some do it for the sake of it, others do it for the likes and retweets. This is the reason there are lots of apps out there to aid you to clinch that perfect selfie without too much stress. Here is our list of 10 Best Selfie Camera Apps For Android 2019

1. Snapseed

This is a photo editor app brought to you by Google. It is free with several amazing features. This app supports RAW files. It contains close to 30 other editing tools. All of them contain sliders for the finer control you seek. Basic features like white balance, crop e.t.c are also available. You are advised to get the mobile version.

2. YouCam Perfect

This app is adequate to get the right facial expression. You are allowed to shoot still or video selfies with an auto-beautify option that improves your features as you use the camera. Skin problems are nothing to worry about, and an eye enhancer is readily available to give your eyes the look and appearance you desire. This app comes in handy when it comes to fun elements like stickers, backgrounds e.t.c. Fat people who are not comfortable with their shape can make themselves slim while slim people can do something about their body weight as well. Tall and short people who want to alter their height are covered too.

3. PicsArt Photo Studio

This is one ancient selfie camera app for Android. In times past, this app had just the simple options for regular photo editing. But right now, it can boast of several updates that have made the app one of a kind in the selfie editing market. You get to Edit, Collage, Draw & Camera with this app. Every other option is ones you’ll understand immediately you see them. As you edit a particular photo, several options would be made available to you instantly to enable you to achieve your desired result. There is also an auto-beautify option, that fixes a poor photo as soon as it sees it. You get to add dispersion, lens flare, and other advanced customization to your images.

4. Aviary

This is one easy selfie camera app with loads of fantastic options. Adobe, widely known for Photoshop, own this app so you know you can expect the very best. Its UI and ways of use are exceptional. You get to experience several options with Aviary.

Options like focus, vignette, adjustment, blemish and so on. If your smartphone use is not currently using a portrait mode feature, Focus on Aviary can come to your rescue. There are pre-loaded effects to suit your selfie needs as well. Stickers and frames are also available for you to add to your mages.

5. B612

With over 1500 sublime labels to select from, your selfie life is fantastic with this app. You are blessed with real-time beauty effects and various filters for tweaking here and there to make yourself appear the way you want. There are cool lenses to include in your images. This app does something unique; it borrows the best features from other apps like the lenses from Snapchat and boomerangs from Instagram. Its UI is so simple plus B612 allows music and video recording alongside live filters.

6. Sweet Selfie

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This app might be a newbie, but it has already made its mark in the selfie camera industry. It beautifies your images aptly. Animal stickers can also be used just to laugh. It also comes with makeup functions that you do not pay money for.

There are a lot of photo effects to select from. Blur, retro effects, and vignette are the ones I will highlight to name a few. It also has a relatable and straightforward UI.

7. Selfie Camera

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This application was programmed with unique features that will only dazzle you. Your facial appearance is amazingly beautified, and your beauty is adequately boosted. You also get several filters and stickers you can pick to get the result you seek. It has a timer that ensures you strike your best pose. You also get to blur the background to place focus on what you choose.

8. BestMe Selfie Camera

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It satisfies all your selfie needs. It stands out with an Instagram and Facebook sharing option. It does not slack with other features too, as it has emoji stickers, real-time filters plus it works effectively with a selfie stick.

The only issue people will complain about is the fact that the user interface is not so user-friendly, as the font size is petite.

9. BeautyPlus – Easy Photo Editor & Selfie Camera

Can be used to edit selfies, images, and videos all the time. It has smooth, yet sturdy editing tools augmented reality (AR) filters and artistic effects to ensure your selfie life is enhanced to the maximum. This app is useful for famous makeup artists, photographers, and real people for selfie editing purposes. You can also retouch your skin tone with its unique skin smoothing makeover tool. There is also a blemish remover to make sure your skin is spotless. If the teeth-whitening feature is what you fancy, its got you covered.

10. Retrica

Facial enhancement and social networking go in hand-in-hand in this app. The several Photo filters and quality looks promises a lot and delivers at the same time. You also get to create selfie collages with lots of shots from several angles. Live video is possible as well. Transform of a collage or a video into a GIF is an option some might fancy. There is a chronological feed that lets you and your followers see all shots you share, and also allows adding them to Facebook any other social media.

There you have it. You have been served with the best selfie camera apps for Android. These selfie camera apps will help you take better selfies.

If you have other recommendations for best selfie camera apps for Android, feel free to drop them in the comment box below.



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