Being a fan of anime doesn’t guarantee you will always have the latest updates from the world of anime. Being updated on the newest series from the anime world is very important in the life of an anime lover. In this article, we explore a list of 10 best sites for streaming and downloading anime. Websites featured on this list are as follows:


Looking to download or Stream Anime Japanese anime seamlessly, may just be all you need. 9Anime. To features, high-resolution anime features little ads and frequently gets updated with the latest anime. With, you are assured of getting the latest anime episodes, after each release.


If you are into high-quality videos, and a wide range of anime films or series. is all you need. Although sounds like a great for anime, is only available to some particular part of the world. is only available in US, UK, Europe and some parts of Asia.

3. GoGo


GoGo is yet another Anime website that allows users to stream and download Anime films seamlessly. GoGO is constantly updated with the latest episodes from your favorite Anime series. Unlike, GoGo is available in parts of the world.

4. Anime


Anime is an anime website, dedicated to offering the best of Japanese anime. is frequently updated, making sure you don’t miss out on any of the action. Here you will also find original and dubbed anime content.

5. is yet another excellent anime website, designed to meet the needs of anime lovers that are enslaved by anime seasons. offers a premium viewing experience. famous anime series like One Piece, Hunter X Hunter, Naruto and lots more.

6. Anime44


Anime.44 is the hub for anime lovers. It offers a catalog of anime genres, ranging from action to drama. It features a very intuitive interface that makes navigation very easy. Anime.44 also features dubbed anime clips.

7. is a top-rated anime website, with a substantial number of fans. is rumored to have the highest number of fans. offers a wide range of anime episodes, updated regularly. provides both dubbed and original anime clips.


Are you looking to get the latest updates from the world of Anime? has you covered. Here you will find the latest updates from the world of anime.

Anime series featured here are updated continuously. boasts of an update speed, ten times faster than other anime websites.


Crunchyroll is one of those rare legal anime websites. Because of it’s a legal status, requires a premium membership fee for access. After making payments, you are assured of getting the latest updates from the world of anime; crunchy roll ensures users that they won’t miss out on any of the latest updates.


Anime Planet

Last but not the least is Here you find all sorts of anime movies based on your search query. offers a wide range of categories to choose from. has a partnership with the most widely used video streaming sites. All anime clips featured on this website are legal.

There you have it guys. With this list of best sites for streaming and downloading anime, you rest assured of getting the latest from the world of anime.

If you have other recommendations, please lets us know, by dropping such your suggestions in the comment box below. We would love to hear from you.


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