Getting the freshest Android wallpapers and backgrounds for your phone can be a tough task. There are several apps that have wallpapers, but it is hard to locate the ones that are really high quality. There are some apps that provide Android wallpapers and QHD Android wallpapers. Plus we have more sources like blogs, forums, Google+ collections, and other interesting places. To make your choice easier let’s highlight some of the best options in our list of 10 Best Sources For 4K Android And QHD Android Wallpapers:

1. Abstract

Sources For 4K Android And QHD Android Wallpapers

This is a new wallpaper app with at least four thousand wallpapers. It is home to all OnePlus wallpapers from its several devices by a famous artist, Hampus Olsson. Hampus included extra wallpapers, and all future OnePlus wallpapers are in it. There are more than three hundred total wallpapers. It is a brilliant source of 4K wallpapers.

2. Artwalls

This is the spiritual successor to AMOLED mnml, which is a more ancient wallpaper app. It comes with high-resolution wallpapers specifically for AMOLED (and OLED) screens. The wallpapers are beautiful and full of battery saving blacks. A lot of them are in 6K resolution or more and they will beautify any mobile device.

3. Imgur And Reddit

Sources For 4K Android And QHD Android WallpapersThey are decent platforms for HD and UHD wallpapers. The two apps work together. Reddit users that share wallpapers mostly use Imgur, and a lot of high-resolution wallpapers on Imgur are always posted on Reddit.

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The two applications will cost you nothing. If you desperately need UHD, QHD, HD, or other types of wallpapers, these are your options.

4. Resplash

This is a wallpapers app for lovers of photography. It comes with more than 100,000 photographs. The brain behind the app still does well to add more from time to time. Other features are basic Material Design UI, app themes, and curated photo collections. The photographs are actually larger than HD, QHD, or even UHD.

5. Super AMOLED Wallpapers

This is a fresh one. It concentrates mainly one wallpaper for AMOLED screens (or OLED displays in general). Meaning, there are several black wallpapers since it is a well-known battery-saving technique with OLED displays. Sadly, a pro version is required if you want the 4K wallpapers. With that same version, you can remove adverts.

6. Sphaera

Sources For 4K Android And QHD Android WallpapersThis is another fresh source of QHD Android wallpapers and 4k wallpapers. The app comes with various maps stylized as a wallpaper.

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There are a lot of places to choose from and several personalization options immediately you find the one you will be going with. Sphaera is AMOLED and OLED friendly and adds live wallpaper support too.

7. Tapet

This is a fun app. Rather than offering Android wallpapers, it allows you to create yours. The app lets you choose some colors and some patterns. It then generates wallpapers on your behalf. Wallpapers created like this are made for your phone’s resolution. Meaning, they will be HD, QHD, or whatever your device is. It is a free app.

8. Vectorify Da Home

This is the freshest app on this list and a lovely source of high-resolution wallpapers. The app functions like Tapet but it is less complicated.

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There are several vector graphics on it. Just choose one, select the colors of the foreground and background, and then set it as your wallpaper. Choosing the color you need means you can select bright and colorful or AMOLED-friendly to use any graphic in the app. It will cost nothing.

9. Walli

This is a brilliant app for HD and QHD wallpapers. It comes with several categories, which includes photography, abstract, word art and so on. Walli highlights a lot of artists and the majority of the available wallpapers are special to that artist. It comes with categories, several sorting options and so on. It is free but there are in-app purchases here and there.

10. WallpapersCraft 4K Backgrounds

This is a decent source of HD wallpapers and QHD wallpapers. This app recognizes the resolution of your display. It will then reveal wallpapers that will suit the screen size. A lot of Android devices come with 1080p or 1440p displays nowadays. It possesses wallpapers for both resolutions and even higher. The app will cost you nothing and there are in-app purchases. Expect ads though.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best sources For 4K Android and QHD Android wallpapers. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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