Standing desks can sometimes be a preferred alternative to sitting at an office desk for long hours. If you are not aware, for several users, their standing position boosts their productivity, energy and even longevity. Not to worry about the several options available out there, we have the best choices in our list of 5 Best Standing Desk Converters:

1. StandStand:

Best Standing Desk Converters

This desk provides a unique experience. It was manufactured to be a really portable quality standing desk converter and it definitely serves that purpose. You can assemble and disassemble it as fast as possible plus it can even be carried away in a backpack. This desk is super strong and lightweight at the same time. It is smooth to use too.

2. Readydesk:

Best Standing Desk Converters

Taking StandStand and turning it into a more permanent solution will give you Readydesk, a wooden workspace elevator that possesses 2 height-adjustable shelves.

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This desk is large enough to hold two 27-inc monitors and it can be adjusted however you want. It comes with cable management too. For additional workspace, invest in an additional shelf or a laptop rise.

3. Varidesk Pro Plus:

Varidesk Pro Plus
Varidesk Pro Plus

This is a very compelling desk conversion kit and you are guaranteed quality and stability with this one.

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It comes with a 2-tiered system that makes adjustments to your monitors, keyboard, and mouse together in one quick motion very seamless. It comes pre-assembled and can be purchased in 3 different models: 30, 38 and 48.

4. Ergotron WorkFit-T:

Ergotron WorkFit-T Standing Desk Workstation


Still on the topic of best standing desk converters. This desk has a design that is identical to Varidesk Pro Plus but the main difference between both is that this one moves vertically, while Varidesk shifts outward, towards its owner, once raised. If you do not have too much space to work it, investing in Ergotron WorkFit-T is a wise move.

5. WorkEZ Standing Desk:

Best Standing Desk Converters
WorkEZ Standing Desk

This one is smooth, small and lightweight. It can be seamlessly installed or removed plus it is highly adjustable and comes with a keyboard tray.

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For your utmost comfort, The WorkEZ Standing Desk possesses 3 pieces: the laptop or monitor stand, a standalone keyboard tray and a detachable mouse pad.

More Information On Standing Desks:

A standing desk or stand-up desk is a desk conceived for writing or reading while standing up or while sitting on a high stool.

Standing desks have been made in many styles and variations. Standing desks may be specialized to suit particular tasks, such as certain variations of the telephone desk and desks for architectural drafting.

Some standing desks may only be used while standing while others allow users to sit or stand by adjusting the desk height with an electric motor, hand crank, or counterbalance system. Some desks are also constructed like teacher’s lecterns, allowing them to be set on top of an existing desk for standing, or removed for sitting.

While height of most seated desks is standardized, standing desks are made in many different heights ranging from 70 to 128 centimetres (28 to 50 in). Ideally the height of a standing desk fits the height of its individual user.

With seated desks, adjusting the height relative to the user can be accomplished by adjusting the height of the user’s chair. However, because users of a standing desk move around more than when seated, using a pedestal to adjust the user’s height is not practical.

To solve this issue, a standing desk may either be custom-made, to suit the height of the user, or made with adjustable parts. For writing or drafting, the angle or slant of the surface may be adjustable, with a typical drawing table or table Ă  la tronchin. If the desk is made for computer use, the legs may be adjustable.

Another option is a platform made to sit on top of a regular seated desk that raises the desk’s surface to a useful height for standing. Such platforms may be fixed height or adjustable.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best standing desk converters. If you have any personal favorites or other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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