A streaming device or media player is a device used to connect Television, home theater or Monitors to the Internet, Giving you the ability to stream videos on the internet directly to them. Most people prefer to go with Streaming devices over cable TV because of the wider range of Channels and programs available to streaming devices.

In this article, I am going to be making a list of top 5 streaming devices that you can buy in 2018. This will act as a guide to selecting a streaming device that will be suitable for you and serve your streaming needs.

Top 5 Streaming Devices 2018

1. Roku Ultra

The Roku Ultra is easily the most suitable option for anybody seeking to get a streaming device close to the best without having to bore a big hole in their wallet.

Roku Ultra

With the Roku Ultra, streaming 4K HDR content at 60FPS can be carried out stress.
The Roku Ultra supports Dolby surround sound but doesn’t support Dolby vision.

The Roku Ultra has an app supported on iOS and Android platforms, so you are not restricted here. The Roku Ultra apps will allow you to use your phone as a controller for it’s streaming.
Though the Roku Ultra supports control over an app, it still comes with an awesome remote control.
The Roku controller features a headphone jack to enable private listening.
On the Roku box, there is a button that acts as a remote finder.
When triggered, the button will cause the remote to make beeping sound so that you can find it, in case it’s misplaced.
In addition, the Roku Ultra features built-in Alexa assistant for voice control.

Ports on the Roku Ultra streaming device includes HDMI port, Ethernet port (plus 802.11 a/c), digital output, micro SD slot for additional storage and a USB port.

Speaking on Streaming, the Roku Ultra supports movies and programs from a vast number of streaming service, including Netflix Hulu, and HBO Now and other top streaming services.

The Roku Ultra costs about $110. Though the price may seem expensive, it’s budget-friendly nature is brought to light when placed side by side other streaming devices like the Apple TV 4K and the Nvidia Shield.

2. Apple TV 4K

The Apple TV is Apple’s own streaming device. It is a streaming device that is 4K ready with HDR 10.
Being an Apple product there are a lot of exclusives.
Whereas on the Roku Ultra you could either download the iOS or Android app for control, the Apple TV 4k only has an iOS control software and works only with Apple devices.

Apple TV 4k

The Apple TV 4k grants you access to a lot of TV shows and programs when synchronized with Apple devices.
It supports Amazon prime and a whole lot of services but fails to support the most popular service amongst movie enthusiast, which is Netflix. The Apple TV 4k doesn’t support Netflix content.
Speaking on things the Apple TV 4k doesn’t support, the Apple TV 4K doesn’t support Dolby Atmos vision and surround sound.

The Apple TV 4K will cost you a sum of $179 in the purchase. This is where the Roku Ultra already mentioned begins to shine.

3. Nvidia Shield

Unlike the streaming devices already listed, the features of the Nvidia Shield isn’t restricted to streaming movies and programs, the Nvidia Shield streaming device is also used to stream games via the GE-FORCE cloud.

Nvidia Shield

The Nvidia Shield is a more capable streaming device when compared to the streaming devices already mentioned.
It supports 4k content and HDR, supports content from popular services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO YouTube ESPN and more.
In terms of performance, the Nvidia Shield is 3 times faster than the Apple TV 4k.

As the saying goes, every good thing comes for a price. The Nvidia shield costs $200, making it the most expensive streaming device in the list.

4. Google Chromecast Ultra

The Google Chrome cast Ultra is my favorite streaming device, it has the simplest streaming process, amongst the streaming devices on the list.
All you need to get the Google Chromecast working, is to connect the Google Chromecast ultra to the HDMI port of your TV or Monitor and then cast whatever your desire to watch on the screen of your TV or Monitor, the Google Chromecast ultra doesn’t come with any form of remote controller, all you need to do is just cast.


The Google Chromecast ultra supports 4K and HDR 10 content and also supports Dolby vision. The only other stream device that supports this Dolby vision is the Apple TV 4k which costs a lot more.

The Google Chromecast ultra goes for the sum of $70.

5. Amazon Fire TV

The Amazon fire Tav streaming box is a product of Amazon and has Alexa assistant wrapped around it.
It has full support for 4K and HDR content, there is no Dolby vision here, the Amazon Fire TV has no optical audio so there is no for the connection of external sound bars or speakers.
This is made up for by the awesome Omnidirectional speakers it has.

Amazon fire tV

When the Amazon Fire TV is not connected to the television, it can act as a stand-alone Alexa voice assistant. The Alexa voice assistant can also be used to control streaming when paired with the TV.

The Amazon fire supports Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Amazon prime amongst other popular services.

The Amazon Fire TV costs $70.

This is our list of the top amazing and best streaming devices you can lay your hands on right now. Feel free to share your list with us in the comments below.


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