Tattoos are everywhere now. They are a permanent expression of art and anyone with tattoos are always happy with the choice they made. Luckily for us, as always, there are several applications for lovers of tattoo that will let you familiarize yourself with tattoo ideas and tattoo artists. Let’s show you some of the best ones in our list of 10 Best Tattoo Design Apps For Your Android Phone

1. Adobe Illustrator Draw

Tattoo Design Apps For Your AndroidThis is an amazing drawing app for your Android phone. It can be used to draw up all types of tattoo designs and ideas. The application comes with about 64x zoom for finer details and several other drawing tools. If you want to have access to existing ideas, it is very useful too.

2. Inksquad

This app is not so popular but it comes with brilliant ideas. It is basically a social network of different kinds of tattoo fans and artists. The aim is to connect artists with potential clients. There are several Facebook groups that do this too but we will recommend Inksquad because it is a better platform at this point.

3. LayerPaint HD

tattoo design apps for AndroidThis is a proper drawing application. The app possesses some features like pen pressure, Wacom tablets, and other professional tools.

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Exporting to Photoshop can also happen if that is what you want. Other features are its several art tools, layer support and so on. It is costly though but be ready to part with some cash.

4. Google Maps

This app had to make the list. It is the most effective way to locate tattoo artists in your area along with their phone numbers and when they are open for business. It is also useful for locating tattoo artists in cities you have never been to. Just launch it and keep searching.

5. Google Search

This is another effective choice that several people opt for to get tattoo ideas. Just search for ideas across all of Google’s image search and you will surely find one you will fancy.

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It can also be used to locate closeby tattoo artists, outlets of communication and other tattoo aficionados. It is simple to use and functions effectively.

6. Inkhunter

tattoo design apps for AndroidThis is a proper tattoo app for ideas. It is a very special one because it allows you to make use of augmented reality to try out the tattoo on your skin. Just point the camera at your body parts and the tattoo will be seen over it. You can add your personal images from drawing apps or from Google Search to view how those tattoos would look as well.

7. Reddit

Reddit can be annoying but it is an effective spot for tattoos, tattoo ideas, tattoo designs, and other tattoo fans like yourself. Whenever you seek answers for very tough questions, this platform can be very useful. You will surely be exposed to a lot of brilliant ideas there. The app is not bad even if there are other 3rd party options.

8. Tattoodo

This is another popular tattoo app for design ideas. It comes with designs from more than 500,000 artists and possesses a userbase of more than 6 million people.

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There are several contents to browse through. Users are exposed to various categories and can also book appointments with tattoo artists in their area.

9. Tattoo Designs

This is one of the several generic tattoo applications on the Google Play Store. It is serviceable. You can use it to locate lots of simple designs, including words, skulls, cards, and other popular tattoo motifs. Tattoo Designs does not come with a dedicated search though, so that is a disadvantage.

10. Tattoo Master

This is a mixture of a coloring book app, a tattoo design app, and a drawing app. It comes with several designs that you will surely fancy. Just select one, color it how you wish and then have it saved as an idea. All this is done in a game format where you give digital tattoos to fictional characters. It is not a major drawing app like Adobe Illustrator or LayerPaint but it still gets the job done.

There you have it- a comprehensive list of best tattoo design apps for Android. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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