The ability to record time-lapse videos is amazing. Having the privilege to view different scenarios being fast-forwarded is a massive pleasure. In a time-lapse video, time appears to be moving faster. Some phones already have the time-lapse feature built-in but if your phone is lagging behind, you can install some great time-lapse recording apps that can let you do that. Sow without wasting your time, here is our 5 Best Time Lapse Apps For iOS 2019:

1. Time Lapse

This app will cost you nothing. You are allowed to set duration and the recording will end automatically. Resetting the fps after shooting a video will instantly render a new video. This can remarkably improve the quality of the video you shot. It does not contain ads. Bells and whistles are minimal as well.

2. Lapse It

This app is known for being good at Lapse and slow-motion videos. It presets to you more control over the speed of the video than you’d expect. It helps to capture pretty shots using the full potential (Full Sensor) of your camera. Also helps to import pre-recorded videos to speed them up or slow them down. There are more than 50 beautiful filters, that includes the lovely Tilt-Shift effect.

3. Microsoft Hypelapse

Microsoft Hypelapse

As the name suggests, Microsoft created this app. The exact moment the app is launched, you are immediately required to work on your first time-lapse video. The app is free from bugs. With an adjustable speed, you are able to stabilize the audio.

It has an intuitive user interface, smooth time-lapses, plus you are allowed to save as a project file in the desktop app. Both mobile and desktop apps also let you trim videos.

4. FrameLapse


It possesses features like frame interval, which is a timer to start and finish recording. Zoom, focus, exposure e.t.c are also interesting features to explore.

This app supports MP4 videos only. One unique feature that stands the Frame Lapse out from the rest is that it lets you record with your screen off.

5. Easylapse

As the name suggests, it is quite easy to operate. It has a flexible on-screen control. All you have to do is record your video and convert it in a time-lapse mode. You also get to share on social media to gain the attention of friends and loved ones. It was created by BraveTechnology inc and has a rating of 3.8 on the Play Store.

There you have it, my list of best time lapse apps for iOS. If you have other recommendations, feel free to share them in the comment box below.



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