I was beginning to wonder if truly our today technology still has reliable torrent site’s that are actively functioning. From my survey and research, I found effective one’s ready to assist you get busy online. Some folks approached me asking, what are the most popular torrent sites in place? Having known about other torrent sites that have left the market and internet structure for good, so that’s the reason for this new update to get you to see the best talked about and effective torrent sites on the web right now.

Best Torrent Download sites now

From my investigation, I got to find out that so many torrents site have disappeared without a trace and this exit birthed the rise of other torrent sites. Some famous torrenting sites were been blocked in most countries. The greatest search engine- Google, has taken steps to prevent users from accessing torrent trackers as well.

As we may know, the torrent site generates high traffic to warrant a listing.

Below is the full list of the ten torrent sites in full function prior to the latest update.

Most Popular Torrent Download Sites 2018


The Pirate Bay is one of the oldest torrent site. It also one of the world’s favorite, still going strong. The past years has been quite rough for this torrent site, which is currently operating. It has multiple of available torrents in different categories, with the aid of their magnetic links and an extremely simple interface that won’t give you any trouble even if you’re a starter.

2. TorLock

TorLock combines a rigorous torrents site with a grand and responsive user experience, particularly when one is in search for high-quality animation episodes or reading material. Some of the materials on TorLock is difficult to find on other trackers, and this makes it different from every other torrenting site.

3. TorrentDownloads.me

TorrentDownloads.me is an edged popular torrent site, why is it so? They have got their site well cleaned up and in good shape. If all other trackers tend to have tidiness issues, this one is probably your never let go software, or a little-known eBook you’ve been dying to read again. Just a heads-up: if your search takes you to another category, be prepared to surf through large amounts of adult content. Due to your country or IP preference, it might be blocked in your country.


RARBG, has been around since 2008 and it started out as a Bulgarian tracker, and has built a high esteem for its quality torrents and ease of us. RARBG specializes in high quality video releases. Due to their functions and tracking, RARBG is blocked in many countries, which includes Bulgaria, Denmark, Portugal, and the UK. But the good news here is that, you can get some specific VPN for torrenting which will assist you bypassing these blocks.


Torrentz2 is launched as a new loop of the popular torrent sites. It has kept the original site’s minimalist interface and heavy focus on music. While there have been some changes to how magnet links work, Torrentz2 remains the best choice for a high-fidelity sound, and it’s one of the more reliable trackers around.


Limetorrents has been one of the decent substitute, it’s an established torrent site for more than half a decade. The site’s operator also runs the torrent cache iTorrents, which is used by several other torrent search engines. Though it has some shortcomings. But we recommend using it as a backup plan rather than a first choice due to this inconsistency. Nevertheless, it’s still part of the best.


It has over millions of verified torrents. The site made it into the top 10 for the first time this year. The interface is a strong overall, but it could use some tike developments here and there. Not minding the flops, this torrent site is easy to use. Many loyal users like the direction Zooqle has taken in its amelioration, without having doubt it sooner it will get bigger and better in time to come.

8. 1337X

Do you think you just missed your way? No you didn’t. thanks to its simplicity and organized interface. The website recently underwent a monolithic makeover, improving the layout and eliminating some serious malicious risks. Presently its now one of the most popular torrent trackers in the world – to the point where Google hides it from search results.

9. EZTV.ag

This torrent site is known as one of the best torrent sites for TV shows but due to new owners claiming ownership of the brand. The new group currently operates from EZTV.ag and still releases torrents.

10. YTS.AG

YTS was hijacked by another brand which turns out to be YTS.ag. Most of the torrent sites were not happy that another site has taken over the popular brand. But not minding was has happened the site is most suitable for movie partisan. I guess you will have to give it a try.

Pre Caution & Disclaimer

Most torrent sites explicitly warn you to use a VPN before downloading anything because you are usually prone to dangers in torrenting. If you don’t take precautions, the outcomes of downloading torrents can be quite severe – from copyright infringement notices in your mailbox to hefty fines, arrests, and even the threat of jail time.

So I advise you to use the right VPN in other to help you overcome serious problems.

More so, we only made this post for educational purpose and not to encourage downloads from torrent sites.

Hope you do find this post on the best actively working torrent sites helpful. Feel free to share yours in the comments.



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