There is nothing more annoying than knowing your phone’s sound quality isn’t right. It is frustrating. You hear the music play, but you know the volume could be better. You view the movies but fail to hear it clearly when your surrounding suddenly becomes noisy. Imagine your phone’s poor volume competing with your neighbor’s loud voice on a daily basis? It’s an unfair battle. In this article, we are going to look at 10 best volume booster app for android.

1. Volume Booster Pro

This app won’t cost you a dime. Boosting and adjustment of volume can be done in just one tap. Taking only 5MB of your storage space, Volume Booster Pro increases volume for all media stream on your android device. Its user interface is user-friendly. It is small in size.

2. Divi Volume Booster

This app is a professional one. It works very well for speakers and headphones. Boosted volume for all you need a decent volume for is guaranteed with this app. It has a stand-alone tab for you to adjust the sound settings until you achieve your desired result.

Fine tuning is allowed by including frequencies like bass, treble e.t.c depending on your taste of sound. It weighs 35MB, so your storage space is safe.

3. Equalizer

This is a decent option for improving sound quality. Distortions that might come as side effects can be worked on via frequency sliders. Bass boost is also available on this app. Ensure you use a quality headphone as they offer the best experience with Equalizer. 11 preset sound profiles are available to be used as long as you upgrade to the paid version of the app. This app is capable of revealing the limitation of your phone’s speakers.

4. Equalizer FX

The only difference between the Equalizer and Equalizer FX is that the latter works on Google Play Music. Many other apps won’t give you this feature, but this app comes with no such restriction. It is free. Bass boost and Loudness enhancer can also be enabled.

5. VLC For Android

If Films and Songs are the reason you need a volume booster, then this is the app for you. This app lets you boost your sound by 200 percent. It is massively useful for movies and music.

6. MX Player

This app is great for videos. It does the 200 percent volume increment also even though it is for film only. As you play the video, ensure you swipe up the volume. A setting of 15 gives you the maximum sound quality you want with absolutely zero side effects. The volume goes back to the way it was once you close the app.

7. Podcast Addict

This is for podcasts with poor sound quality. It does not just have a volume boost setting; an equalizer is also present in it.

This gives you the freedom to work on the sound in your favorite podcasts so the voices can be heard clearly and audience noises or music playing in the background can be reduced. This is more effective than increasing the volume altogether.

8. Volume Booster GOODEN

This app has the most natural user interface for all kinds of Android users. Speaker and headphone volume can be increased to its maximum level. If you are surrounded by noise, just plug in your earphone and enjoy your music, movies e.t.c

9. Volume Ace Tree

This is a fantastic music manager and volume booster app. It is very reliable. It lets you take complete control of your volume. It also allows you to create a profile where you can add music of your own. This app also includes the timer option which serves the purpose of changing the output of music at the appropriate time. It also has a widget option.

10. Call Volume Booster

Having a conversation on the phone and not hearing the voice of the person on the other end is a problem. Call Volume Booster helps to boost your call volume when you make or receive calls. It has a simple interface without tampering with your silent and standard profile. All you have to do is adjust the settings, and this app will automatically boost the volume to maximum or minimum.

There you have it, my list of 10 best volume booster apps for android. Select the volume booster app you prefer on the list, install it and have a fantastic volume experience from now on.


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