They say VR is the future. It has been tipped to be used by consumer and enterprises in the US very soon.  A reality of phone-based VR at entertainment sites and estate business location has also been predicted.

Many fans of technology agree with this as experts even say that VR might end up changing how people relate to one another and create a social impact that will rival what telephone and the internet did when they first broke out.

There are so many VR headsets out there ready to be bought. It is becoming less rare and more visible in technology markets.

The aim of VR is to simply trick the brain through giant high-tech goggles, into having an idea of an image or representation of someone or something being real.

So many sectors already use this technology. Healthcare conducts virtual surgeries with it, The fashion world uses it to help people try on clothes, the gaming industry, of course, to present an exciting gaming experience for its customers.

To help with your asking for more, here is a list of Best VR Games for Android in 2019 to help you decide.

1. BattleZ VR

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This is the first multiplayer First-Person-Shooting game on Google Cardboard and Gear VR, so respect it. Players simply team up to prevent their homes from being overrun by zombies. Betrayal in these teams is the order of the day though, because, there is no love when it comes to bonus points. Quick warning, watch out for the dragons. Having a Virtual Reality Viewer and a motion-tracking controller is key for an amazing experience. The game’s artwork is also pleasing to the eye.

2. BombSquad VR for Cardboard

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Basically, players should run from the bombs. And catch flags at the same time. Tricky right? You’ll need a gamepad or another Android device to act as a controller to enjoy this game. Expect lots of explosion, pirates, barbarians, ninja as you play with your friends. However, it consumes a lot of power so be prepared for that.

3. VR Fantasy

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You need to be courageous and precise to succeed in this game. You’ll be journeying into an ancient magical stronghold. Fortification with a sword to scale through all the puzzles along the way is key to success. There are lots of zigzags to do between obstacles. You’ll be required to destroy a few doors and break down a few boxes during this journey to find your way. Worth your money and time.

4. Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue

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Everyone says this game is one of the most polished out there. With its amazing graphics, it makes you interested in playing almost instantly. You are in control of a lightning bug in a very wide and dangerous world.

You are charged with the responsibility of rescuing your kidnapped friends and to also save the world from scary spiders that have invaded it. Expect a lot of flying through caverns and woods as you channel your inner Superman. Fireballs are available to attack your enemies and collect power-ups

5. InMind VR

It is designed for the Google Cardboard. You don’t even need a special viewer to play this one. It is free as well. The objective here is to make the brain healthy. To do this, you’ll be finding your way through neurons of the brains. The game helps to please the appetite of those who are fascinated by the beauty of the human mind.

6. Sisters VR game

First things first, if you hate horror movies, stay away from it. This is a VR ghost story that will put you in a mysterious Victorian mansion. Shocking sounds and scary images will be flashing from time to time when you least expect. Looking at certain places so the environment can respond makes you go one level up.

You just keep moving with your VR headset to watch the terror unfold around you. It promises to be a scary but amazing experience.

7. Need for Jump (VR game)

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Sprinting and jumping to collect coins is all this is all about. The coins help you upgrade your abilities. Your head movement will ascertain the direction you will go plus looking left or right and nodding will activate a jumping action. It supports multiplayer.

8. VR Space: The Last Mission

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The Fresh 3D graphics possesses all that will make your experience real gameplay of a spaceship war. You are the last spaceship alive of your squadron. You are basically the last hope of humanity. Your job is to not let humanity down.

The important thing is to withstand the many attacks of enemy spaceships. The graphics are dope. Although the game was made for cardboard VR glasses.

9. Haunted Rooms: Escape VR Game

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This is a gradual story that brings a scary horror experience and an escape the room gameplay together. Expect goosebumps with this one. Sudden scares and unexpected twists make the game tick. You are to succeed by escaping from room to room. Your brain and determination will enable your survival on this journey.

10. VR Rollercoaster

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This is a simulation game that gives its users a feel of realism when they play. Prepare to feel the rush of various rollercoaster rides that send you through lifelike environments with all the twists, turns and loops you’d expect. Google Cardboard headset provides the perfect experience with this game. You just grab a drink. It is very easy to control. The environment in the game makes immersion even more real with noisy crowds, buildings, birds, screaming riders and even airships heard in the game.

There you have it. A comprehensive list of best VR games for Android. If you have other recommendations, please drop them in the comment box below. We would love to hear from you.


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