A wallpaper is what you view first on your phone. This makes it one of the most visible things on your device before anything else. Quality and beautiful wallpaper go a long way in improving your iPhone’s looks. The options for wallpapers on an iPhone might be frustratingly limited, but there are still amazing apps you can install to give your mobile device that unique appearance you desire. We have you covered with 10 Best Wallpaper Apps For iPhone 2019:

best wallpaper apps for iPhones

1. Velluna Wallpapers

There is a reason this app is number one on the list. It gives you several options to select your favorite wallpaper from and the way you find these backgrounds displayed in the app is dazzling to see. There is also a feature called “Daily Wallpaper.” which presents you a new picture every single day. It has the option of previewing wallpapers, lets you apply a blue filter to the wallpapers and zero shortage of options in the app. The only disadvantage with this app is the constant adverts.

2. Everpix

This is a magnificent app for HD wallpapers. Presently, on this app, you’ll find more than 4,000 wallpapers to choose from. The browse categories option allows you to select the wallpaper of your choice from the given categories. All images in this app are high definition quality. iPhone users are really covered with this one.

3. WLPPR App

iPhone Lock Screen users should go for this app. Amazing pictures with remarkable quality makes this app one of a kind. Along with the wallpapers, you seek you also come across the scientific source of images and description. It is free to download. Kindly note that download for free requires you to make an in-app purchase. You can add bookmarks to the wallpaper you like.

4. Icon Skins And Themes

Home to unique wallpapers. if you are tired of the regular wallpapers you see on phones around you if you find them boring, and you need some incredible options, this is the app for you. Images are high definition. The collection is updated weekly. You also get blur wallpapers with an in-app tool.

5. Kapp Boom

This is not just an app for wallpapers but also for other extras that you might find useful. Extras like Cool Facts, Famous quotes and drink recipes. Making collages and editing photos is possible with the app’s editor. This app provides more than 200,000 wallpapers and backgrounds that are high definition.

The app is endowed with a slideshow for you to sit back, check out the wallpapers and decide on one. It is free to download with advertisement flashed once in a while. Getting a paid version can eradicate the adverts.

6. Live Wallpaper For Me

You get animated wallpapers on this app. Categories named Fire, Water, Sci-Fi, Sports, Animals e.t.c lets you choose your favorite live wallpaper from the list. Ensure your iPhone is able to support live photos feature so your animated wallpapers can be viewed as you desire. Its interface comes in English, French, Japanese, German and so on. You also get to see newly added wallpapers every week.

7. Magic Screen

This app works magic as the name suggests. Not only are you allowed to chose from pre-existing wallpapers in the app, but you also get to design your own wallpaper.

This is a feature that is scarce on other apps. You get to turn your photo into GIF or live wallpaper if you wish. You are also allowed to share the wallpapers you create via wi-fi.

8. Papers.co

It has an extended collection. This app has categories like Arts, Apple, People, Texture, Sunset, Night e.t.c with several wallpapers ready to make it difficult for you to pick a favorite. Wallpapers can be previewed on home screen and lock screen by clicking on it. There are more than 500,000 wallpapers available for free. Dark-themed wallpapers on the app look superb on iPhone X. It is free but includes ads.

9. Walli

This is a wallpaper app for creative minds. You find wallpapers designed by artists here. The wallpapers you see on this app are the definition of unique as they cannot be seen anywhere else.

The artists get paid for their work. So simply put, if you want the best wallpapers designed by the best graphic artists out there, get this app. There are also different sizes to choose from according to your device.

10. Pixs

Neat and clean interface. While most apps offer several choices making it hard to choose the best out of them, Pixs has a lot of wallpapers as well but the focus on quality certainly draws users close.

There you have it, the best wallpaper apps for iPhone. If you have other suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment box below.


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