Rainy and sunny seasons will always be part of our human life. And this is why we must always be prepared for what the weather has in store for us. The era of just reacting to a harsh weather condition when it happens is over. Now you can get ready if you have a decent app that will help you.To prepare yourself for any kind of climate change, here is our list of Best Weather Apps for Android:

1. Weather Timeline

Weather Apps for AndroidThis is a very useful weather application. It is brilliantly designed as well and can be installed from the Google Play Store. Weather Timeline can be used to catch a quick glance of the present weather conditions or you can decide to go deeper and check out the radar and detailed forecasts. It is highly personalizable too.

2. 1Weather

Weather Apps for Android

This app has been existing for a while but it is still used by Android owners that know its worth. You will have access to simple-to-read icons and weather backgrounds to help you to rapidly know weather conditions at any location. It possesses a large selection of forecasts, a live radar, proper weather alerts and so on.

3. AccuWeather

Weather Apps for AndroidThis is a well-known weather app. It comes with lots of features but the most special one is named “MinuteCast.” This feature displays precipitation every single minute. You will know precisely how long before the rain pours.

4. Dark Sky

Weather Apps for Android

This app was formerly restricted to iPhones and iPads only but it is available on Android phones now as well. You will be shown when the rain will begin and end.

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However, you will have to part with some cash every year to have access to premium features. With what it offers users, it will definitely be worth your hard-earned cash.


If you are a hardcore weather information craver, then you will surely fancy this application. It receives its information from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration so you know the developer aren’t playing.

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It might be poorly designed but it possesses useful weather information anytime and wherever you are. NOAA will give all you need and more.

6. WeatherBug

Image result for WeatherBug app

This is an ancient weather app but it is still a decent option for Android owners. The app prides itself on being the “world’s largest network of professional weather stations.”

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It possesses rare but important features like heat index, pollen count, and UV index. It is one app that will keep you notified when the weather will be favorable or when it will be the opposite.

7. Weather Channel

Image result for Weather Channel app

This is the most popular weather network across the globe. Their Android application possesses all the amazing features you will want from a weather app. It gives you extended forecasts, present conditions, Luce radar maps, storm notifications and so on. Just ensure you are an Android phone owner.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best weather apps for Android. If you have any other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section  below.


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