Knowing a thing or two about the weather before the flight will forever be one of the best things an iPad can do for you. It is simpler now to be updated by staring at your tab or mobile device than sitting down at a PC or call Flight Service. But which application should you go for? There are lots of weather application for a pilot out there, the ones that are free and the really costly ones. But not to worry, lets help the man flying the plane today by revealing our list of 10 Best Weather Apps For Pilots:

1. Weekend Flyer

weather apps for pilots

Traveling for a weekend trip and need to know what the weather will be like a few days out for the return flight? This app was developed just to provide the right answer you need. It shows you a graphical forecast alongside a time slider from 60 minutes to 3 days out in the future. When you move the slider and make adjustments on the forecast window, the colors of the forecast change on each airport according to the weather forecast for the chosen time. The green color stands for VFR, the red color stands for IFR and so on. This is amazing for seeing large-scale trends in the weather and it makes you aware of a possible thunderstorm.

2. wx24

weather apps for pilotsThis application is visual-centric and it aims to enhance how you read text weather reports by revealing METARs, TAFs, TFRs and AIR/SIGMETs in one graphic. It is massive for the comparison of several airports when the weather is low. It also lets you set personal minimums for an automatic break down of the conditions. It comes with a map view with radar data and airport conditions as well.


weather apps for pilotsEven if thunderstorms and ice is what we all focus on, the wind is another strong reason to cancel a flight. This is why this app is very important. It displays present and forecast wind conditions for various locations and even allows you to search by airport identifier. What makes WINDY unique is its amazing design and stunning animations. The map view also makes it seamless to get a big picture overview.

4. CloudTopper

weather apps for pilots

It might not automatically be a weather application, but it could be really useful in flights when you are dealing with the weather. If you have doubts about whether you can top the clouds, this is the app that can respond to that question.

Using the built-in gyro and camera in your iOS device, it lets you point your smartphone to the clouds in front of you, get it precisely level and confirms if those are above you. You are allowed to even type in your estimated distance to those clouds and the application does the estimation of how many feet that will be required to get on top.

5. METARs Aviation Weather

weather apps for pilots

As lots of applications reveal text weather reports, this app is a rapid and simple way to check the most recent conditions without stress. Simply set your preferred airports and after that, monitor VFR/MVFR/IFR/LIFR with color-coded icons. The English translations make it simpler to understand the details on that lengthy METAR as well. Its notifications are customizable too, which lets the application notify you to change weather conditions automatically. So to be aware of when your departure airport is changed from VFR to marginal VFR, simply click some settings and you will be ready.

6. SkewTLogPro

weather apps for pilots

Several pilots fancy the Skew-T log p diagram. This can intimidate you when you first look at it, but the Skew-T provides various information, which includes temperature, dewpoint, wind direction and wind speed at various altitudes.

The application is a rapid and simple way to see Skew-T diagrams wherever you are in America by ensuring you enter an airport identifier or lat/longs.

7. WeatherSpork

A famous meteorologist and active flight instructor who was a ForeFlight employee until 2018 co-founded it. The aim for its existence is to enhance pilots’ knowledge of weather, and specifically, to aid them to select the most appropriate day and time to take off. The application possesses a standout set of views to assist you to visualize the atmosphere and go past standard reports. The Grid View feature is beautiful as it reveals weather forecasts for the several points along your entered route, for fast analysis of VFR/MVFR/IFR/LIFR conditions.

8. MyRadar

There are so many radar applications in the App Store, and there has to be a reason why. Checking the radar is pivotal for pilots and non-pilots. All of these applications make use of one data, which comes from the National Weather Service, therefore it is mostly how this data is presented that makes them unique from each other.

MyRadar is our preferred option. You pay nothing for it and it is simple to work with as it comes with top quality looping radar.

9. RadarScope

Image result for RadarScope app

This application does not concentrate on fine images and places more focus on options. You are allowed to display any of the one hundred and fifty-five various radar sites in America, and select between the base and composite reflectivity. I know that is a difficult subject, but several pilots believe composite reflectivity is massive to plan a flight. Getting the opportunity to compare several radar scans will give you the chance to view great insights with just small training. You can even zoom in and search for severe weather radar signatures.

10. ForeFlight/Garmin Pilot/FltPlan Go/WingX/Aerovie/FlyQ

weather apps for pilots

These applications are useful vital information like graphical METARs to icing forecasts, that will not be given in other places. In-flight options for datalink weather is present as well. The situational awareness and potential for diversion planning are very much explored here.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best weather apps for Pilots. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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