Using a weak Wifi router can facilitate a lot of things. You are going to find yourself searching for signals most of the time. This fact also holds sway when using public wifi systems. In this article, we are going to explore a list of best wifi signal booster apps for Android. These apps will help you boost the wifi signals coming from your router and will also help you locate areas where wifi signals are signal.

1. OpenSignalMaps


The opensignalmaps app is an app that indicates areas where network signal is strongest in your surrounding. It eliminates the hassle of moving around your surrounding, to look for the network. Opensignal maps show you the direction where the network is strongest, indicated by an arrow. Map and a radar where the location of cellular towers are shown. This way you can follow locations of a cellular network, getting the exact location where the network is strongest in your surrounding. This app is available in the Google PlayStore for downloads.

2. Network Signal Info

As clearly stated by its name, the network signal info app, is an app designed to give you top-notch info about the network signal in your area. It provides you with information on the strength of your network signal, or Wi-Fi. This app provides more detailed info of your network signal strength. It tells signal strength using 14 signal bars, as opposed to the five network bars featured on Android smartphones. It features two widgets, one for Network signal and the other for Wi-Fi signal. The app is available on the Google PlayStore for downloads.

3. Wi-Fi Overview 360

Wi-Fi Overview 360 is designed to help users locate the fastest Wi-Fi connection in their area. Wi-Fi overview 360 lets users manage and optimized Wi-Fi connections using an inbuilt channel checker and channel radar. Wi-Fi overview shows a detailed description of the Wi-Fi connections available in your area. It provides information on the Wi-Fi name, signal strength, channel number, and encryption. This app is available on the Google PlayStore for downloads.

4. Wi-Fi Analyzer

Wi-Fi Analyzer is another app you can use to monitor the strength of Wi-Fi connections. Wi-Fi Analyzer also boosts the power of their Wi-Fi Connection. Wi-Fi analyzer helps users select the best channel to use when setting up Wi-Fi connections.

Wi-Fi Analyzer helps users avoid overlapping with other Wi-Fi connections, allowing you to have the best W-Fi signal strength available. This app is available on the Google PlayStore for downloads.

5. Fresh Network Booster

As the name depicts, The Fresh Network Booster app is an app that helps users boost network signals in their devices. This app improves your network signals, which will, in turn, increase your data speed. Fresh network booster reconnects your data to cell site towers, connecting you to a current network. This app is available for downloads from the Google PlayStore.

6. WiFi Booster Easy Connect

Still, on the topic of best Wi-Fi apps for Android, Wi-Fi Booster Easy connect, is another app, that assures users of a stronger signal. Unlike other wifi booster apps that allow users to select stronger wifi connections manually, Wi-Fi Booster easy connects automatically connects to the most reliable network available in your area.

This app boosts the signal of Wi-Fi connections available. This app is available in the Google PlayStore for downloads.

7. Wi-Fi Connect

Wi-Fi connect is yet another app designed to help users have stronger Wi-Fi signals. Wi-Fi connect helps users sort the Wi-Fi connections available in their area. It provides a list of Wi-Fi connections available in your area, allowing you to select the ones with the most reliable connections. Wi-Fi connect has a very minimal and intuitive interface, geared towards enabling the users sort Wi-Fi connections easily.

Wi-Fi connect displays signal strength, channel number, security type, link speed, IP number and lots more. This app is available for downloads on the Google PlayStore

8. Wi-Fi Manager

Similar to the previously mentioned app, Wi-Fi manager lets you manage Wi-Fi connections available in your area. It enables you to search for available networks in your area, and connect to them after they have been found. This app features two widgets, dedicated to displaying information about each connection, allowing you to switch seamlessly between them. Wi-Fi Manager features graphical channels that let you improve the connection quality, giving your connection speed a boost every time the app is being used.

9. Network Speed Booster

Still, on the topic of best network speed booster apps, the Network speed booster is another excellent app, that helps users achieve stronger network speeds on devices. Unlike other network booster apps, this app doesn’t require any manual action, once the app is opened, network bars automatically rise. The Network Booster app automatically connects to the best available cellular tower in your area.

There you have it. You have just been served with a comprehensive list of best Wifi signal apps for Android. Though all apps bear different unique features, they all share one unified function.

If you have other recommendations for best wifi signal booster apps for Android, please let us know in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.


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