The global gambling market has expanded since 2000. Punters place bets in bookmaking shops and telephone betting services. Established bookies like Betway have a great user interface that offers an enjoyable betting experience. They offer bonuses and promotions to new and existing clients. But, many beginners often get confused when betting online. In this article, we present to you four tips to bet on different sports online.

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1. Create a Betting Strategy

You need to create a strategy before you place bets. Determine the amount of stake you will place on each bet and the number of wagers that you will add in an accumulator. It is important to create a gambling budget. Bet with less than 40 percent of your disposable income. Statistics show that pundits who form accumulators with more than six bets have fewer chances of winning compared to those who combine less than four bets.

A simple betting strategy includes having a fixed stake for all bets and wagering on leagues that you have researched about. Many people get tempted to increase their stake after they have won several consecutive bets. Discipline and patience are necessary to be a successful pundit. So, it is wise to place an accumulator consisting of sporting events that are taking place at the same time and review your strategy on a weekly or monthly basis.

2. Understand Sports Betting Odds

Bookmakers use odds to calculate your possible winnings. Events outcomes with the least chances of occurrence often have higher odds than those with a high probability. You can install the Betway app on your phone to check the betting odds of different sports events. Besides, it allows you to place pre-match and live wagers. Fractional odds, decimal odds and American odds are the most popular types of betting odds.

3. Understand Different Types of Sports Bets

The following are the several types of bets:

  • Handicap bets: These are the most complicated bets. The bookmaker gives the underdog a goal advantage. For example, a weak team might have an advantage of 2 goals before a match begins. So, the strong team needs to have a goal margin of more than 2 goals for you to win the bet.
  • Single bets: You place wagers on individual sports events separately. They can be the correct score, both teams to score or first goalscorer bets.
  • Full cover bets: They comprise several single bets that allow you to combine different possible outcomes. There are different types of full cover bets like Yankees and Lucky 15s.

4. Decide Where You Will Place Bets

Online gambling is more popular than betting in brick-and-mortar casinos. It involves selecting possible sports events outcomes and determining your stake. The following are two places that you can place sports bets online;

  • Online bookies: Most countries have local and foreign bookmakers. They have different payment methods, betting markets, terms, and conditions. Choose a particular bookmaker and sign up. You will fill personal details and deposit money in your account. Some betting firms offer bonuses for first-time deposits.
  • Casino sportsbooks: Many popular casinos have sportsbooks that resemble bookmaking shops. They have large screens that display various sporting events and their odds. You can place live bets in casino sportsbooks.

Each year, betting firms are introducing new features on their websites to improve their customer experience. Betway offers different payment options including bank transfer, debit card, e-wallets, and mobile money transfer. It allows gamblers to create accumulators comprising wagers of different sporting events. You can start betting after you have created an account and made your first deposit.


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