If making money online is damn easy, I believe I’ll definitely be among the richest dudes in the country simple milking millions of cash online. I wish you won’t get me wrong as you can earn a living and make a fortune off the internet (People like Mark Zuckerberg are quite good examples),  but do not be deceived by information marketers coming out with headlines to rip you off the little you have. Headlines such as

“How I Manage To Rake $1,000 Daily In Pure Profit For Two Months”

“Revealed: How a School Teacher Made 1 Million USD In One Month Importing From China.”

As misleading and deceptive as these titles are, they still did not amaze as much as the one I saw last month:

“How My Grandma Makes A Steady $20,000 Income Daily.”

truth about making money online

Believe me, they were right when they said you can make money from the internet, they were also right when they said you can make money on affiliate marketing, importing, blogging etc. One thing I hate is that these set of people will never tell you one part – the bitter truth. You may never understand till you get a domain, create a blog post and hope in vain that bank alerts will start disturbing you. Well, I’ll be revealing some truths you may have to accept and work with.

1. You Need A Targeted Audience

Considering the fact that you need to make money online. The simple way to this is by solving the needs of people. Let’s say you’ve finally settled down to solving web design need (you learnt webdesign), without you marketing your products to the targeted audience, there’s no way you can make the amount you deserve.

There are whole lot of ways to promote your services online which include;

  • Social Media Advertising.
  • Direct Adverts on already established websites where your target audience meets.
  • Search Engines.

Let me talk a little about Search engines here. No matter the number of blog posts you have, no matter how high quality your blog posts are, if you do not have a presence on Search Engines, it’s useless. Make sure you have applied all the necessary SEO techniques and watch your online income skyrocket.

2. You Can’t Become a Millionaire in One Day

If you think as soon as you create a blog post, get an AdSense account the money will start pumping in, I’m sorry you are still dreaming and I may need to wake you up to the world of realities right away.

All top bloggers earning over five figures monthly never started making that in a day. It took them well over 3 years to get to where they are coupled with hardwork, patience and dedication. If you start a blog with the aim of making money, then blogging is not for you because in three months you’ll definitely be frustrated. I never said you must be a blogger for three years in order to start making money, infact, I’ve seen bloggers that started making cool cash in less than a year and that’s quite rare so do not expect you’ll get rich soon online.

3. Determination and Hard Work

“The difference between a successful person and others is not lack of strength, not lack of knowledge but rather a lack in will – determination” – Vince Lombardi. For the benefit if doubt, on daily basis over 100,000 blogs/sites are being created by individuals like you trying to earn a living online. This shows that online business is a competition and only the strong, determined and willing can achieve the desired result.

4. Avoid Shortcuts

There’s a popular saying that “the shortcut is often the long cut.” Newbies think they can be very smart on the internet especially Google. As a word of advice, never try to outsmart Google because you’ll get burnt at the end. Avoid all kind of black hat SEO techniques, copy and paste contents – you’ll be busted. Also, avoid building spam back links. In summary, any method that involves dubious means is often a shortcut and definitely should be avoided.

Now, Your Turn.

Having giving the above tips, it’s left for you to watch out carefully for these and remember that hard work definitely pays in the long run.

You can use the comment box to let us know your views and other bitter truths about making money online you would love to share with other readers. And please, do us good by sharing this post with your friends.


  1. Hey Presley,

    When I set out to make money online, I went broke.
    But when I shifted my focus on having fun “out there”, that’s when I started seeing results.

    Have fun and money will follow!


    • Well said Akos, blogging should be something you love doing and not something you’re doing for money’s sake. Hope to see you at the top. Thanks for dropping a comment and have a nice day.

  2. Well, I personally appreciate this post with all the honesty in it’s presentation. Thanks, God bless,


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