Setting up a brand new Android device is more than just inputting your particulars. Installing needed apps is part of the process. Brilliant apps like a decent weather application, a reliable email client, are very sacrosanct. In this article, we explore a list of brilliant apps for your brand new Android device.


brilliant apps for your brand new Android device
This weather application predicts when it will start and stop raining, and I am talking incredible details like minutes. Do not doubt its accuracy because it is top-notch. It basically ensures you do not get wet. Its simple features cost nothing but you will need to part with $3 annually for its advanced rain forecasts.


Brilliant Apps For Your New Android Device

When you have to search for a file that was stored on some secret location on your device, this is the app to use.

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It simplifies the process of finding files wth its clear sections for downloads, videos, audio and so on. It comes with more features like a full tab focused on highlighting old files you might need to delete to free up space.


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This is a simple-to-use application for monitoring your period. It comes with a neat design and the developer vows to not sell your health data, even if anonymized data is shared with researchers once in a while.

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In 2019, the app was updated to reveal patterns in your cycles and highlight issues. It will cost you nothing to use but there is an in-app subscription for product discounts and emailed data reports.


Brilliant Apps For Your New Android Device

This app helps to monitor your work tasks and it is so simple to use. It can be downloaded on all major platforms or used on the web. Adding anything is simple, because of its natural language support.

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The Android application will provide notifications when prompted and reveal upcoming deadlines in a customizable widget.


For reasons best known to those in charge, Android has no built-in voice recording application. However, if you fancy having a recording of your meetings, interviews e.t.c, this app can make it happen. It creates an automated transcript of the full recording when you are done in the English language.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of brilliant apps for your brand new Android device. If you have any personal favorites or any recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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