There are a number of options when it comes to choosing the best portable record player. You will have to think of various ways you can enjoy using the turntable as a way of knowing what to consider. Most of the time, you will find that some people would not have the best turntable simply because they did not take more time to research and end up with the right record player. In this case, we get to look at more features that would make a portable model.

Below are a few tips to get you understanding what is needed to pick the best portable record player.

The Design

The design of a record player will definitely affect its portability. Not all the models would be great for portability, some would be too large for moving with them around. In terms of design, you have to look at the features that would make the record player easy to move around with. Most of the time, having a model that is made of a briefcase design, it will have handles for carrying it. Sometimes other people would think you are carrying a normal briefcase when in reality it is a great record player.

The Weight

Of course, the weight is going to affect if a model becomes portable or not. If the record player is too heavy, not many people would want to use it outdoors. They would rather have it indoors and only use it whenever necessary. Many more people would often have the issue of weight as to why a model becomes portable or not. Look for a lighter model so that you have an easy time moving around with it.

The Speaker System

The record players would often come with internal speakers, which is a great thing to promote the sound from the player without connecting to an external speaker system. For a portable record player, the speaker system is supposed to offer the best performance ever. You need to have the right sound so as to feel good about listening to music.

The Battery Life

Since you would be outdoors, chances are that you might not always have the access to a power outlet. This calls for buying a record player that comes with an internal battery. This battery is what will power the record player so that you can enjoy listening to it each time you are on the move. This being the case, you have to consider the battery life of your record player. It should be enough to play several records so that you remain entertained.

The Reviews About the Model

The reviews about any record player would be enough to lead you to the right direction. You do not have to end up with the worst model when in reality that could have been avoided. Many people are always looking for the best models; it is only through reviews that you can learn about the pros and cons of a model. The manufacturer would often highlight only the pros in the product description. It should be easy to end up with the best turntable under 300 dollars from the reviews.


As you can see, you have nothing to lose when it comes to taking more time to do your research. You can always end up with the best portable record player for only a few hundred dollars. It is not always that the expensive model that would be great. From the tips above, anyone who has always been looking for the best portable record player, he can now make up his mind easily.



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