In a news digest released on March 17th, 2021, Social media management giants Content Studio announced in a post captioned “Feature Alert! Schedule First-Comment on Instagram”  This is a follow press release to an earlier post dated February 3rd, 2021 titled “Instagram Direct Publishing (Live Now!)”

That implies that users can plan and distribute  single-picture and video records straightforwardly (without the requirement for Zapier incorporation or pop-up messages!) 

Content Studio Announces Scheduling Feature on Instagram

The previous alternative to posting by means of pop-up messages (for different organizations like Stories, Carousel Posts) is still accessible. 

You can even utilize the scheduling feature to keep posting on auto-pilot!  All that is needed to be done is simply select “Instagram API” while making a post in Social Composer! 

How is this beneficial to users?

The benefits cannot be overemphasized, as they are linked with offering a better service. We have got the benefits summarized under three headings outlined below.

1) Save time 

Obviously you would rather   give 1-2 hours in a single day to generate, and develop  content and schedule to make up for a day, week or  two rather than going through hours consistently looking through the web to explore content and post every now and then.  

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Everyone loves to post unique and eye-catching contents on  Instagram, this takes a lot of energy, consumes time but with a scheduling feature in place , you do it once and need to worry about having to do this everyday thus you have more time to be productive in other areas of work engagement.

2) Ensure consistency 

This looks simple but it is not as simple as it appears. Consistency is the vital component in accomplishing social media reach. 

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Once your posting schedule is known , your fans and followers will begin to anticipate your posts.  For instance, based on insights you recieve from analytics, you can discover the most ideal time to post and timetable your post appropriately, been in the know that it will be up for more views at such a particular moment

3) Post directly from the comfort of your mobile set

Indeed, indeed, cell phones are amazing and simple to-utilize. However, you don’t always get the adaptability and portable nature that you get from a desktop. With Content Studio on your mobile device,  you can design out your substance schedule easily and it will proceed to auto-distribute on your Instagram account.

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(without the requirement for message pop-ups!)  So at whatever point you’re feeling to be in a “creative or content generating mood,” you can consider brilliant ideas to be posted ahead of time for the entire week!


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