I keep getting mails concerning converting Microsoft Word doc or docx files into HTML webpage format and that’s prompted me to making this little and simple tutorial on it. I will guide you through two easy ways to convert a Word file into HTML.

converting microsoft word docx files to HTML

This can be a handy tip that would save you hassles when you wish to convert any of your documents into a webpage format quickly for usage or to upload online. But note that Microsoft Word is not a good tool to create webpage, that is if you think you can simply design a webpage with word and then convert it.

It is better you learn HTML and CSS for basic webdesign rather than rely on this process to create your pages. Back to the principle reason for this post. As I said, i’ll give you two processes which you can use in converting Documents in the word format into a webpage HTML format.

Ways To Convert Microsoft Word Docx to HTML Webpage Format

Method One: Offline

This is quite a simple method of conversion which you can do offline on your PC, it involves you saving the word file in a webpage format.

  • Open the Microsoft Word Docx file you wish to convert.
  • Click on File > Save As
  • Select Webpage or HTML as the Filetype.
  • Then Save.

The document would be saved in a HTML version in the Directory you saved to (e.g in My Documents). This is a simple method. But if you do not have Microsoft Word program on your Pc to make the conversion, then you have to make use of an online tool.

Method Two: Online

I would give you an online tools you can make use of to convert a Docx Microsoft Word Document or file into a HTML version.

Online Tools are

That’s the link to the tool above and here is how to use it.

  • Visit the link given.
  • Click on the Choose file Form button you see.
  • now search for your Microsoft Word Docx File where you saved it and select it.
  • Click on the Convert File button.
  • The Docx file would be converted and saved as a zip file containing the HTML version.
  • Simply download the zip and unzip it. It would contain the HTML version of your Document.

This is a cool method for those who prefer to convert their Word Documents Online. I hope you enjoyed the article, feel free to let us know of other tools you make use of in converting word docx to HTML using the comment box below.


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