Food is one of the significant pleasures people strive for. Cook It! has made it possible even for the amateurs to cook delicious meals and serve as well as manage famous restaurants around the world. The game provides an artifice that serves as a perfect platform for the players to show their talent as well as potential. It also provides an enjoyable cooking game experience and makes the player considerate of time and deadlines in real life as well. Cook It! is provided with perfect graphics which makes the players love food like anything.

Salient Features of Cook It!

  1. Freedom to cook a variety of dishes
  2. Coins as a bonus
  3. A great number of restaurants
  4. Management expertise
  5. Multicultural exposure
  6. Ice cream parlor
  7. Best cooking environment for players of all ages and genders

1. Freedom to Cook a Variety of Delicious Dishes

Cook It! allows the players to cook a variety of dishes and add to the experience of baking games as well as cooking. The players serve the orders placed by the customers and don’t find difficulty in cooking any dish ordered. The players feel a sense of satisfaction when they are able to cook whatever is ordered. The game is very satisfying in this regard.

2. Coins as a Bonus

The players can gather coins very easily during playing Cook It! The extremely brief ads win them many coins. The players can use these very coins to unlock advanced levels as well as they can help their friends who are stuck on some level as well. The coins rescue the players very effectively without any complications as well as conditions.

3. A Wider Spectrum of Restaurants

The game gives the players an opportunity to cook at any restaurant around the world. As the players keep unlocking the levels they are treated with a chance to cook at the amazing restaurants worldwide. This builds the interest of the players in the game. They want to cook and prove themselves in different places. The element of curiosity is also present as the players want to unlock more and more amazing restaurants to cook in.

4. Management Expertise

Cook It! equips the players with management expertise. The players have to manage their restaurant besides just cooking delicious cuisines. The game makes the players more responsible as they are engaged in multitasking. This feature of multitasking builds confidence in the players as well. The players are better able to manage their daily lives as well.

5. Multicultural Exposure

Cook It! is a game of the present time where the notions of multicultural food and products are quite famous. The game also reflects this ideology of multiculturalism as it hosts restaurants of many cultures. The players get to learn about the traditional cuisines as well as contemporary dishes cooked and enjoyed in those cultures. Besides the dishes, the players get to know about other little things practiced in other cultures.

6. Ice Cream Parlor

Cook It! has also taken care of something sweet for the customers after a savory meal. The feature of an ice cream parlor is specially added to serve the guests with a full meal. Additionally, the players are given a chance to decorate ice creams with different types of toppings as well. The players while being able to serve even ice creams with yummy toppings feel reassured.

7. Breaking the Stereotypes of Age and Gender

Cook It! is one of a kind game which is enjoyed by people of all ages and genders. The young ones, as well as the old people, enjoy cooking delicious dishes. Similarly, women, as well as men, girls as well as boys, are equally interested in this game. Cook It! has stood as a truly universal game that is effectively breaking all types of stereotypes.


Cook It! is a game with universal appeal and this game offers many interesting features for its players. Cook, it is truly a game of the present century with all the modern methods and ease of doing difficult things. Cook It! has proved that cooking is an enjoyable activity rather than just a hectic thing.


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