Despite the emergence of more social networks, Facebook remains retains its position as one of the most used social networks, because of a lot of obvious reasons. Facebook has a lot of irregular features that set it apart from its peers. These features draw users closer to their community of friends and make communication better.

Facebook events

One of the special features of Facebook is the event creation feature.

What Are Facebook Events

A Facebook Event simply put is a calendar-based resource which can be used to notify users of upcoming occasions and can be created by anyone.

This feature allows Facebook users to create a mini event AD, that will be served among the user’s list of friends on Facebook. With Facebook event creation feature, Facebook users can send invites to friends, create a link where users can purchase event tickets and add event co-hosts, to handle the event better, in cases where numerous people show interest.

In this article, we are going to be looking at steps to be taken when creating events on Facebook. This tutorial will act as a guide to fully maximizing the Facebook event creation feature.

How Do I Create a Facebook Event

  1. Logon to
  2. On Facebook mobile, click on the three horizontal button on the right hand side and click on explore and then events. If you are surfing Facebook on a desktop, the events button will be located on the right side bar
  3. Click the create event button
  4. Select Event Type. Here you have public and private options to choose from.
  5. Fill the event creation form
  6. Click on Create Event and your event will be created.

How Do I Create a Private Event on Facebook

The steps to creating a private facebook event still follow the same process as above. All you have to do state that a Facebook event is private is by selecting “Private” in the event type options provided while creating the event.

Note: Both Public and Private events have the same procedure for creation.

Creating Facebook events is as easy as discussed above. When creating Facebook events, the procedure listed above should be followed to the letter, to avoid complications.

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