Create A Miorosoft AccountI am not certain why you may want to do so but if you are moving from Apple’s iOS to Windows you will need a Microsoft account. This is same as you would need an Apple ID to be able to get things done on your MacBook.

For windows, the Microsoft account gives you access to the Windows store so you can make purchases. Windows users can even sign into their computers using their Microsoft Account, though it’s not mandatory. Here’s how to take your first step into the wild world of Windows, and create your Microsoft Account:

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How to Create a Microsoft Account

1. Open the Microsoft Windows Account page, and select “Create a free Microsoft account.”

2. Fill in your personal information and enter a password. Select “Get a new email address” if you want your Microsoft account to be seperate from your personal account.

3. Enter the Captcha code to verify you’re real.

4. Click Create account.

5. Open your email account and select Verify.

Congrats, you’ve got a Microsoft Account! If you have any questions use the comment box.



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