Swag the heck out of your Android phone by adding a new boot animation to your Android device. Yes you can change your Android boot animation. If you are tired of seeing same old boot animation anytime you switch on your phone, then this tutorial is for you as we will walk you on how to go about it alongside screenshots for clearer understanding.

What is Boot Animation?

If you do not know what boot animation is, let me use this medium to clear the air. The boot animation on Android phones refer to those short animation that display once you switch on your Android phone. The below picture is a screenshot of Sansung Galaxy S5 boot animation.Sansung galaxy s5 boot animation

This tutorial won’t be a success if you can’t access your root access on your device, so it’s advisable that you use this file manager as it gives direct access to your root folder.

Installing Boot Animation Manually

Once you’ve downloaded any of the above listed file managers, you should give it boot permission. In this tutorial, we used the ES File Manager.

How Can Allow Boot Permission?

Simply open your file manager, go to menu, then enable Root Explorer just like the screenshot below.Enable root permission

Next, you’ll need to select Device in the top menu, locate the folder System and do a long press onto the folder. Once you’ve done this, click the More option in the corner and then select Properties.change boot animation

From the Properties, we’ll have to make sure we give it all the read, write, and execute options under Permission. Now go to the System file and select Media or Multimedia (depending on your device). Locate the file named bootanimation.zip. Backup this file by copying it to another accessible folder where it stays safe in case you have your original one played with. Now change the name of the original folder to something else. You can use bootanimation1.zip.change boot animation on android

We need to find any ready boot animation that is that we will copy to this folder as a substitute of the bootanimation.zip. We recommend you go for this one here, although you can get a whole lot of them on the internet using Google.

Installing Boot Animation Automatically

If you aren’t techie or you feel the manual method is difficult for you, you can then use this automatic method.

Boot Animations ? Root Allows you to randomly change your boot animation very easily. This app comes with jaw dropping number of animations, but most of this boot animation have to be paid for before use. You can as well use the free ones.


This post is written for educational purpose only. Changing a trade mark / boot animation of a brand to something else is not lawful. TechRibs.com is in no way liable for the result you get after this tutorial, or what so ever the later effect is.

What do you think of this tutorial, have you tried it out yet? Do let us know your thought using the comment box below.


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