Messenger on Facebook is a feature that powers Facebook’s message capability. Facebook Messenger is available as an app and also as a tab on

Facebook messenger

Being a Facebook’s messenger user, there are times when I send unwanted messages that hunt me forever. These messages can be typos or messages borne our of aggression.
Deleting such messages become an aim when they occur. Piled up chats or messages may also be a reason you desire to delete them.

With a lot of updates and advancements over the years, Facebook messenger has added to its arsenal of features the ability to delete sent messages, users can delete messages after they send them.
These messages are only deleted from the sender’s platform, the receiver will still have a copy of the message unless they delete it.
This article contains tutorials

How Do I Delete Messages on Facebook Messenger

1. Open your Messenger app

2. Log in your account, using your Email and password

3. Navigate to the chat that contains the message you want to delete

4. Navigate to the message

5. Hold down the message and press delete

Note: Message will only be deleted on the thread of the sender, the receiver will still have a copy of the message

If you are currently using Facebook Messenger Via chrome, you can actually install a plugin that will enable you to delete multiple chats containing unwanted messages at ones without stress.

How To Delete Multiple chats on Facebook Messenger via Chrome Plugin Extension

1. Download Facebook fast delete messages extension

2. Navigate to on your chrome browser and log in

3. Click on the Facebook messenger tab

4. On each chat, red x symbols will appear on the side of each chat, click the red x icon to delete.

This tutorial treats the procedure of deleting messages on Facebook messenger. This tutorial is as easy as stated, just follow the steps thoroughly and you won’t have problems. Hope you love this guide on deleting messages from your Facebook messenger app.


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