how-to-disable-windows-defender-1For those of you using Windows 8 and 10, Windows Defender shouldn’t be new to you. If you do not know what Windows Defender is, you probably must have come from Pluto. (Just kidding 🙂 ). Windows Defender is a pre-installed Anti-virus software that comes with Windows 8 and Windows 10, I have no say on its lapses as it performs just a great job, and is good to go with. But for a person like me who is so in love with Norton, I think, I’ll have to let the Windows Defender rest a bit. If for any reason, you wish to let yours rest by disabling it, then, this guide is for you. I will not for any reason advise you to disable Windows Defender when you have no strong Anti-virus software for substitution. Because surfing web without protection is more harmful than getting knocked down by a car.

How to disable Windows Defender

Go to your Windows Start menu, type “regedit” then click it from the search resultshow-to-disable-windows-defender-2

The Registry Editor dashboard should now be openhow-to-disable-windows-defender-3

Look at the left tab, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows Defender and Click Windows Defenderhow-to-disable-windows-defender-4

Create a new key by right-clicking the empty space on the right tab , selecting New then DWORDhow-to-disable-windows-defender-5

Name the new key DisableAntiSpyware and press Enter to savehow-to-disable-windows-defender-6

Double-click on DisableAntiSpyware then set Value data to 1 and click OKhow-to-disable-windows-defender-7

Now create three more keys with the following names; DisableAntiVirus, DisableBehaviorMonitoring and DisableOnAccessProtection and also set their Value data to 1how-to-disable-windows-defender-8

Now restart your PC and try launching Windows Defender on boot. You should get “This app is turned off by group policy”how-to-disable-windows-defender-9-1

That’s the simple trick, let’s hear what you’ve got to say.


  1. Nice one there, I don’t usually disable window defender, but when I install a third party antivirus, it is disable.
    This is great for who do not want any antivirus or anti malware program running on their system. Thanks


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