This is not going to be like most of my blog articles which are quite lengthy, i’m going to keep it short and interesting as I always do on tutorials. I will guide you through how you can find all blogs or website linking to your blog or website using the Google Analytic tool.

I assume that you should know what the Google Analytics tools is all about if you are reading this article, if you don’t, a little Google search would be of a great help to you. Summarily, the tool (Google Analytics) is one of the several Google Web Applications which helps webmasters keep an almost accurate data of their day-day traffic stats. You can check it out here.

Back to the point for this article, you can discover all who linked to your website or blog by following the simple steps i’ll outline below.

Find Sites Linking To You

#1. Login to your Google Analytics account, select the particular blog you wish to track it’s incoming links.

#2. Under STANDARD REPORTS on the left sidebar, click on Traffic Sources.

#3. A new sub section would emerge, click on Social > Trackbacks.

#4. Once it’s fully loaded, you would discover the sites linking to your blog or website. If you wish, you can even select a specific date to discover if you were linked to on that day, whatever date range you select would be displayed. Here is an image of what it displays when fully loaded.

discover external links to your blog

The Interface of Google Analytics with the display of your lined pages and source of link

One other thing I know you would love about this tool is that, it would also display how many referral traffic you have gotten from the said backlink. This is a really cool tool I guess you would love to start making use of.

Feel free to let us know other ways you discover trackbacks or links back to your website. Happy Blogging


  1. Thanks frank for this wonderful article,i do check sites linking to me with google webmaster tool though it wont show the amount of referal such a link as brought to my blog

  2. thanks really very useful article … after reading this article i am able to analyse the back-links created on my website thanks a lot for sharing this useful information


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