Oh! That awkward moment you mistakenly deleted that important file from your device, a lot of people have been seeking a means of regaining their mistakenly deleted files. The BIG question is “but is it possible to restore deleted files?” Sometimes, your files will be safely sent to the recycle bin. Apple has proposed a solution to this problem. It’s the Time Machine, however, some files will not be fully backed up. Sometimes a single awkward movement can instantly erase a great photo. With that we were able to review Disk Drill from the company Clever Files to restore the lost files in just a couple of clicks.

Disk  Drill - Restore Deleted Files
Disk Drill – Restore Deleted Files

To test the program, we just took it lying on the table stick — and indeed, as soon as Disk Drill scanned, a long list of deleted files appeared before us: documents, photos, videos. All of this can be viewed using Quick Look usual by pressing the spacebar, and, if necessary, to immediately return to life. The ease with which Disk Drill finds a seemingly long-lost information, is really impressive, and even a bit scary —formatting the card with filling the empty spaces with zeros (“Erasing method Zero-Out” in the “Disk Utility”) does not seem so useless.

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As known, the best treatment is prevention, so the other side of Dill Disk is a set of functions aimed at prevention of loss of files. Recovery Vault keeps information about all deleted files and if anything will make it possible to restore them (if blank space was not filled with other information), and “Guaranteed recovery” and does keeps copies of all deleted files — of course, it will take up more space on the hard disk, however if you are not using other backup, it’s definitely worth it. Disk Drill is not trying to be a replacement for Time Machine or other backup solutions (with it you will not be able, for example, to restore an earlier version of the document), but it complements them by providing you with another level of data security.


How much is this miracle of modern thought? For the full version of the program developers are asking as many as 89 dollars, but there is a free version that just scan your disk and show you what files can be recovered, so, spending funds, you’ll be sure that you are buying Disk Drill is not in vain.

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Beautiful interface fits perfectly into the aesthetic of OS X, and really simple and clear that for such a powerful set of tools — a solid achievement. Get it new, and this is important: now every user has the opportunity to quickly return the desired data, without applying to the service (which is especially important if the device is confidential information).

Disk Drill copes with its task files from hard disk, flash drives and memory cards are restored as if they were never deleted. Now it is possible not to worry so much if the children are erased from your camera shots for the past week or if someone has deleted the file, thinking that he’ll no longer needed, and the high cost of the program easily pays for itself saved the nerve cells. Do you want to MacBook but not enough money? You can buy used MacBook with the help of JiJi.ng, purchase from the real buyers will save you a lot of money.



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