One of the several reasons you might be here right now reading this article would be as a result of you seeing several web designers managing and building their client’s website on a Content Management System, then it hits you and you wonder if you really need a CMS to build a website?

Do You Need a CMS

For the benefit of those who might not be familiar with what a CMS is, i’ll run through it here. CMS which stands for Content Management System and it’s simply a set of programs or a software application that is used to manage digital content spanning across text through videos.

Now you know exactly what a CMS is, you might want to know what it can do. Most CMSs out there are usually created by the efforts of several developers who actually have written static websites on servers and finally realized that simple way to get things done. Here are a couple of reasons you should consider using a CMS to build your next website.

1. Content Management

With the pattern these CMSs are built, you can easily manage content creation and the whole editorial process, while not having to think about what the underlaying codes do. In fact, you are kept out of the development loop that is usually handled by the team providing the CMS for you.

2. Multiple Authors

This is one super feature almost all Content Management Systems boast of. The ability to have several authors log in and can publish articles on your platform instead of having to get your server’s FTP details to upload static HTML pages for each content that would be created.

This fact brings us to the next point below.

3. Separates Design from Content

As a result of the authors not being able to edit the sites core templates or files, it tends to have them focus on the content creation aspect instead of having worry about the hassles of working on designs and getting their hands dirty with the codes.

4. Templates

Most Content Management Systems out there definitely have templates which you can choose from and wouldn’t have to worry about paying for a premium template as their’s would already be built with standard practice at heart.

This is one feature that really gets people the opportunity to start up a website without really having the knowledge of coding.

5. Security

Obviously, due to the fact that these CMSs are managed by a team of knowledgable developers, they tend to stay on top of their game in terms of security. You do not have to worry about security as updates are usually rolled out and applying them to your copy is only a matter of clicks away.

These are just but a few reasons you should be making use of a Content Management System for your web design. Other benefits include the fact that it gets you to develop a seamless workflow. Those who have to focus on content creation stay in their fields while the developers stay also on theirs.

Do you still need to be convinced to use a CMS for your next big project? There are a couple of great  website builders and CMSs out there ranging from popular ones such as WordPress down to pretty nice CMSs such as MotoCMS. It’s all left for you to find what suits your needs and stick to it.

Do let me know what you think about this article in the comment section below. Happy Designing!


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