Android devices have actually been leading the smartphone market share in recent times due to their ability to perform a multitude of basic tasks every smartphone user loves. You could attribute this to the fact that there are lots of Android developers and in turn tons of freeware applications to try out.

This has actually inscribed the love for the Android OS devices into the minds of several mobile users eventually leading to a spike in the demand for these gadgets. One thing that once upon a time used to slow down the demand for Android devices was the high price, but this time, there are a host of smartphone manufacturers such as Tecno, Infinix e.t.c that would readily provide you with an Android device at a cheap and affordable rate.

These devices perform like, well, every other device from an afar off look and would usually seem too good to be overlooked, but do you think you deserve such cheap android devices? Let’s find out.

cheap android phones

Why You Must Run Far Away From Cheap Android Smartphones

1. Poor Quality Materials

No smartphone manufacturer would be offering you a cheap device and at the same time use quality materials to produce the device. They definitely would have to cut down on their production cost in order to make up the cheap price they offer the device.

If you are purchasing any cheap android smartphone or tablet, you have to bear in mind that it’s definitely going to be made of inferior materials and could easily crash because of it’s fragile nature. You must have noticed how these cheap android devices suffer cracked screens and all that.

2. Low-Quality Touch Screens

A few days back, I decided to check out the screen responsiveness of my HTC One and another cheap android device, you could for sure see the frustration on my face. Cheap android phones are usually coupled with poor quality touch screens that usually can’t respond correctly to gestures and swipes. If you are going for a cheap phone, then this is one major problem you should expect.

3. Low-Quality Battery

Low life batteries are synonymous with cheap android devices if you ask me, it is one thing that all such smartphones have in common. I normally won’t recommend you go for such devices as they definitely would turn you into an A.C wall socket addict in search of the nearest corner to get a charge into your smartphone.

Want to charge your android powered phone just once a day? Then steer clear of cheap android phones.

4. Forget OTA Updates

Google recently announced the Android 5.0 Lollipop Operating System and most devices such as HTC One M7 and M8 and the Sony Xperia Z line would be getting the updates soon. But when it comes to getting an Over The Air update for cheap android devices, that should be a myth.

Most if not all cheap Android smartphones do not have support for future updates and this can be a pain in the butt. You would definitely need to make updates manually or run custom ROMs on such devices to enjoy what others would at just some few screen taps.

Now, that’s my opinion on buying cheap android smartphones, tablets and other devices. What do you think? I’ll love to hear your views down here using the comment box.



  1. You said it all, but people don’t seem to care as long as it’s an Android phone. They most annoying one for me is the battery, I can over look the rest but battery, no way. .

  2. pls oscar i’m using tecno Q1 Android and i want to be watching dstv on it such as African magic,sound city,sports and other channels without using internet or data pls how can i go about it,, THANKS.

  3. maybe badluck de ur side, av been using tecon android right from d beginin till nw i havnt noticed any of ur complaints apart from ota, so stop critisizin mayb u should go open ur own company

    • Hi Henry,
      Everyone is entitled to their opinions anyway and that’s the reason I had to put up this article. I’m not criticizing any brand, but had to pour out what I felt was right from within. Anyway, I’m glad you love the Tecno brand and thanks for coming by sir. I appreciate.


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