Following the recent confession of Cambridge Analytica, Concerning the how they siphoned data from Facebook to help in Donald Trumps’s campaign, Facebook users and authorities in charge have become more concerned about the security of the information Facebook collects from users.

facebook data

This fact has led Facebook to develop a system that allows its users to download all the information Facebook has about them. Though it doesn’t stop Facebook from harvesting your data while you use their services, it gives you knowledge of the information that is collected that is being collected by Facebook. To many, the having knowledge of the information Facebook has about them doesn’t matter since it won’t stop Facebook from harvesting their data.  However, there are still some people who care about the information has about them. Reading this article, it is very clear you are included in the population of people discussed above.

This article contains a tutorial on how to download all your Facebook data the right way and also explains the kind of data Facebook harvests from its users.

How To Download My Facebook Data

  1. Log on to
  2. Navigate to settings
  3. Scroll till you find download a copy of your Facebook data
  4. Click on it to download all your Facebook data

Content Of Facebook Data

As of the time this article was written, Facebook has access to data including history of content liked of facebook, hidden pages, Home Town, IP address, last location of users, chats, likes on other sites, photos, videos, knowledge of friends e.t.c.

Reading this short list of some of the data Facebook harvests from its user’s account, it’s easy to say Facebook has vital information about its users. Having this kind of information in the wrong hands can lead to fatal damage on your identity. It very imperative that you weigh the kind of information you share on Facebook, before sharing them.

Hope this was what you needed and you now know how you download a copy of your data with Facebook.


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