Tecno devices are one smart phones that have occupied the mobile market, and recently they have been producing smart Android phones, which the Tecno N7 is one.

Every one loves android devices because they are so swift, they have alot of features, although some devices can’t access the whole feature without rooting them, thats why here today I’ll show you the easiest way to root your Tecno N7. Lets Proceed…

Easiest Method To Root Your Tecno N7 Phone

Root Your Tecno N7 Device

What Is Rootimg An Android?
Rooting your Android Phone means obtaining superuser rights and permissions to your Android’s software.
What to Benefit When You Root Your Android
If your Android Phone is being rooted, you are privileged to load custom software (ROM’s), install custom themes, increase performance, increase battery life, and the ability to install software that would cost extra money for just free.

What Are Ther Requirements To Root Your Tecno N7?

  • A Computer
  • The Device you want to Root.
  • UnlockRoot
  • A USB to connect your Device and Computer

Steps On How To Easly Root Your Tecno N7

Step 1: Download and install unlockroot on your computer.
Step 2: Plugin your usb or data cable to both your Tecno N7 phone and computer.
Step 3: Put your phone in USB DEBUGGING MODE. (Enable it By going to
Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging andtick the USB debugging option)
Step 4: Open unlock root on your pc and select your phone (Tecno N7)

Reboot your android device. Congratulation your Tecno N7 is now rooted.
To check if your device has been successfully rooted.

Just follow this Steps:
** Download Root Check from GooglePlay Store.
** Install and Run It into your device, press the ‘Verify Root’ button.

** If it asks for permission, Press ‘Grant’.

** If you device has been Rooted, You will get a Message as This:
‘Congratulations! Your device has a root access’.

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