The deadly if not deadliest virus (Ebola Virus) as at time of post is curbed to West Africa. It’s no doubt that up to 90 percent of Ebola viral infections have been fatal. Lot of rumour about the vaccine have been stated, and here in Nigeria sometime ago we were asked to bath salt and hot water and also drink it. Hehehe Be truthful I know you did that but I didn’t,.

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Early Ebola symptoms
*. Fever
*. Body Aches
*. Cough
*. Stomach Pain
*. Vomiting
*. Diarrhea.

The outbreak of Ebola virus in West Africa is frightening, scary and also terrifying for many reasons. It is the largest outbreak ever, having claimed many hundreds of lives; and the deadly infectious disease can travel easily from person to person in the later stages like.

Some Deadly Facts About Ebola Virus:

  1. It can kill within seven days
  2. There is no vaccine or treatment available
  3. Attacks every part of the human body
  4. Disrupts your immune system
  5. We don’t know where it came from
  6. We don’t know all the different ways it can spread
  7. The virus manipulates your immune system
  8. Multiplies rapidly
  9. Releases hundreds of viruses at a time
  10. Destabilises the vascular system

I’m not a doctor nor a medical specialist I’m a passionate geek, so the above info was just what i could get about the terrifying virus.

Let’s go to the reason why we came here. We are here to download an Android application that will give you every essential tip and guide so as you don’t be a victim of the virus additional are some feature you’ll also like. I recommend this app to everybody, esspecially in west Africa so as to stay safe.
You can download the Ebola Android Application Here.

Make sure you download this Android Application for safety.


  1. Hi Tech Moses,
    It’s been a while I saw you here, however welcome once again. Concerning the ebola virus, we all look unto God and pray he saves us. Nobody is superior over it, but God will see us all through anyway.
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