WiFi calling simply put, is the process of making calls using a strong WiFi network, instead of using your cellular network. This technology has found its way into lot of smartphones over the years now. With skype first pioneering the first WiFi calling system, as a feature in its software. Smartphone manufacturers are now featuring WiFicalling capabilities on their smartphones.  Carriers like verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-mobile now offer smartphones with WiFi calling capabilities.

Samsung galaxy s9

The whole aim behind WiFi Calling is to allow smartphone users making calls using WiFiin places where cellular network is weak. Among smartphones that currently support WiFicalling, is the Samsung galaxy s9. In this article, I am going to be giving a tutorial on how to enable WiFi calling on the Samsung galaxy s9.

How Do I Enable WiFi Calling on My Samsung Galaxy

  1. Navigate to Apps > Settings > Connections > Advanced calling
  2. Under Advanced calling, Activate WiFi calling
  3. enter a valid emergency address that would be useful if you have to place an emergency call.

After WiFi calling has been enabled on the Samsung galaxy s9, all calls made during low cellular network signal will be made through WiFi, provided the Samsung Galaxy S9 is connected to a good WiFi signal.


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