No matter the new gadget I buy I still have a symbian device in my gadget store, because of it’s simplicity. This tutorial is for symbian phones but as we all know, even the smartest gadget at a point or sometimes become slower than normal. When my gadget get’s slow I’m like “Throw This Phone Away”. How do you feel when your symbian phone hangs esspecialy when you want to view your gallery. The worst is when an Iphone freezes. Have you been experiencing such on your symbian phone? Then don”t worry, today techribs has come with a simple tutorial that can help enhance the perfomance of your symbian smartphone.

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Follow The Below Steps To Enhance The The Performance Of Your Symbian Phone

Step 1: Firstly change your phone’s date to 01.05.2005.

Step 2: Go to the calendar and create two new to-do’s (Options > New entry > To-do).

Step 3: If you’ve created the to to-do’s use the below informations for them.

  1. To-do:
    Subject: Speed
    Due date: 04.08.2005
    Priority: High –
  2. To-do:
    Subject: Qoukie
    Due date: 04.08.2005
    Priority: Low

Step 4: Confirm the both to-do notes with “Done”, but don’t close the calendar application.

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Step 5: Choose: Options > To-do view

Step 6: Mark “Speed” as done, after that mark “Qoukie” as done.

Step 7: You are now free to close the calendar.

Step 8: Change the phones date back to the actual day.

That’s it… Now flex and enjoy a fast symbian phone.


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