If you haven’t heard of Playster by now, chances are you haven’t been browsing the internet a whole lot lately. Not only is this service fun to use, but it offers an unmatched catalog when it comes to streaming entertainment, such as movies, books, music, audio books and games.

Everything You Need To Know About The New Playster Subscription Service

After using Playster for a while, we’ve been able to write the following review to give you an overview of what this service offers.

Overview And Sign-Up

Playster’s content can be accessed from any device, as long as it’s a device that can connect to the internet. All you need is a good connection to endlessly stream music, read books or watch movies and you can even save content to your device if you want to make use of it later on while offline. The subscription price is $24.99 per month and Playster can be access through any web browser, as well as through its Android and iOS apps.

This service screams premium but one of its main perks is just how low the monthly price is, as well as the fact that it offers a whole free month of access for new users. The process of registering is fairly simple as you can do so directly via your existing Facebook or Google+ account.


Playster has thousands of titles to choose from and they’re all sorted into categories which eases the browsing process. The streaming capabilities are fairly smooth from what we’ve tested and the catalog includes diverse content such as documentaries, movies designed for children and thousand of more titles to enjoy.


No matter if you are a young adult, fiction, thriller, romance or comedy book fan, Playster has a lot in store for you. Its selection of books is fantastic! Playster offers a plethora of titles to choose from, ranging from classics to all the newest releases. The library also features a wide selection of audiobooks for you to listen to while on the go, at work or relaxing at home.


Gaming-wise, Playster subscribers are in for a treat as the service offers a lot of addictive arcade titles, which can keep casual gamers in their seats for hours on end. The platform offers a wide array of categories to choose from, such as action, adventure, puzzle and arcade, as well as games specifically tailored for children to enjoy in the educational section. We were happily surprised to see games like Duke Nukem, which immediately reminded us of our childhoods.


Playster did a really great job when it comes to its music library, which includes all of today’s biggest major label and indie artists. Not only does Playster offer a lot of amazing music you already know and love, but it also makes discovering new favorites super easy with its custom playlists and mood-based sorting. Playster will do all of the work for you and recommend a bunch of songs related to what mood you’re in — how cool is that? It’s definitely a unique feature that’s worth playing around with!

All in all, Playster is worth trying if you love streaming entertainment. You’ll likely find that its convenience and competitive price make it one of the best platforms out there at the moment.


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