Here is the BIG question. How Would FaceBook Have Been Like Without The Tag Feature?. When most people hear the word tag on facebook they get irritated, to me there are no reasons to be upset on a tag, probably the update may have relationship with you on the other hand this may also be an honour as the updater deems you worthy to be tagged.

After some arguments on facebook in regards to this, Mr. Kabenlah wrote a wonderful article worth reading, Titled: To Tag or not To Tag? That is a Million Dollar Question. Alot have been said about the “the tag or not to tag” issue now we have to see what facebook would have been like without the tag feature.

FaceBook Tagging

What is Facebook Tag Feature?

The facebook tag feature allows you notify friends of a new update, it could be written words, photo’s or even video’s.

While we go futher let’s see some happenings in respect to why people see tagging as something irritating, according to facebook.

When you tag someone, you create a link to their profile. The post you tag the person in may also be added to that person’s Timeline. For example, you can tag a photo to show who’s in the photo or post a status update and say who you’re with. If you tag a friend in your status update, anyone who sees that update can click on your friend’s name and go to their profile. Your status update may also show up on that friend’s Timeline.

When you tag someone, they’ll be notified. Also, if you or a friend tags someone in your post, the post could be visible to the audience you selected plus friends of the tagged person.

How does this seem to be irritaing? Yes! Most people misuse the facebook tag feature by using it when not necessary, example of such are some kind of facebook friends tagging me on a photo where the former president of Nigeria is making a warning. You can see the photo below;


What on earth do I have to do with such photo’s.

Some Reasons Why I Tag

  • I Tag To Promote
  • I Tag To Appreciate
  • I Tag To Notify (which is the main reason the tag feature was enrolled)
  • I Tag To Give Credit

On seeing reasons why I tag do you still think tagging on facebook is irritating? Do you think it should be eradicated? What do you think facebook would have been like without the tagging feature?.


  1. Hi Larry,That was awesome, it is so revealing. Many people do not understand the essence of tagging. I do not blame many who change their privacy settings to prevent tags from friends; thier timelines are being littered with spam and irrelevant updates.Tagging is a nice feature when used properly, and i think it should be allowed to stay. Facebook won’t be as enjoyable as it is if such a feature is nullified.Thanks for sharing this with us

  2. Hi Chinedu,
    Did you just say facebook won’t be as enjoying as it is now without the tag feature? Hahaha.. Well you wish the tag feature to stay, but alot of people out there dislike this feature and would have loved, enjoyed and even prefered a facebook without the tag feature.
    Anyway let’s see what others have to say about this.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. This is pretty a nice blog Larry, and it’s the first time I drop my comment. Your layout is fantastic and your approach is equally remarkable.

    Basically, I don’t think anyone has the right to complain about Facebook tagging features. This I’d explain on Kabenlah’s blog, upon which you used as a reference for this article.

    Now, I would be less plain and sharp with my words.. Anyone who sign’s up for Facebook has already agreed to the platform’s ToS.. Most remarkably, Facebook has given users complete control over the must talked about “tag” feature.

    You undo a tag,
    You review every post you are tagged on, before it goes live

    It is not enough to display social recklessness… one has to learn how to make use of the feature correctly.,

    Let me end by saying, when an honestly mistaken man is confronted with the truth, he must either cease being mistaken or stop being honest…

    Best Regards

  4. Hi Nosa
    Welcome to my blog, hope you are having a nice time on the tour? 😛
    All thesame thanks for your Nice words. Surely beforee signing up with facebook you must have read and agreed to the platform’s ToS, well as I said up here in this article I see no wrong in tagging on facebook unless it’s been used erroneously. Beside facebook has laid down an untag option.
    Thanks fos sharing your taughts here.

  5. I have never really thought about using Facebook tag efficiently but I share the annoyance of people who are irritated by it. You have drawn valid conclusions, it is essential that the tag feature be used to create “value” for the individual or business! This comment was shared in where I read this post on Facebook tag.

  6. Hi Sunday,
    It’s quite unfortunate that you dislike it when people tag you on facebook, all thesam I’m a good fan of the facebook tag feature, lols..

    I don’t thinks it calls for exaperation when you are being tagged, I guess the untag feature was enrolled for people who don’t like it when they are tagged. Though every person are entitled to their own oppinions.

    Thanks for dropping a comment.

  7. I have to agree with you here. Facebook tagging feature actually fine, useful and helpful to give credits, to be notify, to be appreciate and promote. On the other hand, many Facebook users aren’t using the feature in the approved manner. Even me, I hate to be tagged in a photo if my face isn’t there. It’s a waste of time, annoying and irritating.

    Nevertheless, we cannot deny the use of this feature is effective in engaging, connecting and promoting.

  8. Hi Metz,
    Ofcourse the facebook tag feature is a wonderful feature, that when used wrongly can damage the good properties and I must say, it’s irritating anyway, depending on what you are being tagged on.
    Realated Updates are the purpose of the tag feature.
    Thanks for stopping by, do have a wonderful day ahead.

  9. Hi Larry,

    This is a great question! I wouldn’t want to use a Facebook where the tag option doesn’t exist.

    I use it to tell others about articles I’ve written and included them in; share a specific picture or video with them they are included in; or when I have something to say to them directly.

    The only thing that really annoys me is when people tag me and they just want me attention but I have nothing to do with the post. Some people do abuse it but that’s just the way it goes.

    Personally, I love the tag feature.

    I hope you’re having an awesome week Larry!

    ~ Don Purdum

  10. Hi Don Purdum,

    Welcome to my blog, it’s nice seeing you here.
    I imagined how facebook would have been like without the tag feature and guess what? I don’t think I’ll be so active on facebook without the tag feature, like you rightly mentioned some reasons why you tag people on facebook, those are geniue reasons for taggin, but people misuse the power of the tag feature.

    I’m glad you could stop by to drop a comment here, probably, the facebook tag feature is a wonderful one, thanks for stopping by.
    Have a good night rest.

  11. Hello Larry,

    Its not possible for me to imagine FACEBBOK without tag in near future. I believe that Facebbok is the most popular Social Media by which you can reach to thousands of people.

    This Tag Feature helps us to notify about new status of our friends. I always use this feature to avail this awesome advantage.

    I hope that Facebook will come up with some more features in near future…..


  12. Hi Swapnadip,
    Welcome to my blog, it’s good to know that you take advantage of the tag feature, and you love it as I do, sure facebook is one interesting place to be esspecially with the tag feature and.

    Although we still expect more from facebook, thanks for stopping by, do have a wonderful day ahead.

  13. Hi Larry, this is a great blog, I love some of the posts. I personally love the tagging feature on Facebook, and I think it’s fine as long as people do not use it too much to self-promote. I mostly use it when chatting in the groups, so I can answer a certain users question or ask them something. It is like the mention feature on Twitter, I use that if I like a Tweet someone has posted or if I have made a comment on their blog. Again, great blog. Hope to chat to you soon. Jel

    • Hello Jel,
      Yea surely the facebook tag feature is a wonderful one, just that for it’s excessive use alot of facebook users has turned against it.
      I personally like the tag feature and probably make ggood use of it, it’s nice you could share your views here.
      Thanks for stopping by to drop a comment.

  14. Haha.. that picture that was tagged on you is hilarious! You must have been pretty clueless when you were notified about that.
    Not everybody on the Facebook knows how basic internet ethics so we really can’t avoid that. I wish more people gets to read this post 🙂


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